Wasting Time at Work 2012

Our Survey Shows How Much Time Employees Waste at Work & How They Do It

Breaking Down the Numbers

Men waste more time than women at work. More than two-thirds -- 69 percent -- of men reported using the Internet for personal reasons during work hours on a daily basis, compared to 62 percent of women.

And even though it's assumed by many that young people spend more time on websites that aren't work related during the workday, that's not the case. Workers between the ages of 26-35 topped the list with 75 percent wasting time at work on a daily basis, compared to the 72 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds. Daily Internet use at work dropped off among older workers with 65 percent of people age 36-45, 58 percent of people age 46-55 and 55 percent of people 56 and older wasting time on the Internet while at work every day.

Even among those who waste more than 10 hours a week at work, the 18-25 group comes in third (15 percent) behind workers 26-35 (35 percent) and 36-45 (29 percent).