What's a Mom Worth in 2012?

Our Annual Survey Shows How Much Money Moms Would Be Paid Every Year If They Got a Paycheck

#7 Mom Job: Janitor

Annual salary: $20,322
Hourly pay: $9.77
Stay-at-home moms: 7.7 hours a week
Working moms: 4.5 hours a week

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but it also illustrates the thankless (yet unbelievably important) jobs in which moms seem to specialize.

Cleaning isn’t fun for most people. No one wakes up in the morning and says “Oh good, today I get to mop the remains of last night’s dinner off the kitchen floor and then Lysol every surface in the house.” But regardless of how much the moms we surveyed can’t stand the daily grind of cleaning, they do it because it has to be done. Without motherly janitorial services, we’d all be living in squalor.

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