When Is the Right Time to Take a Career Risk?

Your Level of Risk Depends on Age & Circumstances

Your Values and What You Value Are Always Changing

Christmastime is rife with financial responsibilities, so along with that new gym bag and must-have designer shoes, you’re probably thinking about looking for a new job, too. And a big, shiny paycheck to go with it!

The biggest compensation boosts come when you leave an employer for greener pastures (there’s a reason they call 'em that). How much of a bump depends on your ability to negotiate, market demand for your skills, and flexibility. In other words, are you willing to relocate to make the really big dollars? (Why, yes…yes, I am.)

Decade to decade your value as an employee changes, typically in the upward trajectory, but so do your personal values. The risks you take in your 20’s and 30’s are akin to career suicide in your 40’s and 50’s. Some moves are inevitable, foolish, forced or highly rewarding. Before you fall for the flash of an ambiguous title in a lofty institution, or trade your security for an ambitious start-up, do the hard work of due diligence AND soul searching.

Work should feel a bit like play, right? Be aware, the devil that you don’t know can actually BE a devil. Something that sounds too good to be true usually is, and all that green can quickly take on a nasty shade of gray.