When Is the Right Time to Take a Career Risk?

Your Level of Risk Depends on Age & Circumstances


Have you started contributing to your 401K plan yet? No? Well, ok, but that’s your priority when the enrollment period comes around again.

Career risks at this point are more calculated, spurred by 8 or so years of honing and refining your skills, not to mention the highly desirable paycheck that comes with making a critical move into the next level or a competing company. Also, your network has matured a lot from the alumni associations and colleagues you met throughout your 20’s. This is the ideal time to cull your professional contact database and strategically let people know you’re keeping an eye on the job market.

If you’re planning a family, however, you may want to consider what you’ll be giving up if you leave right now. As a new Mom or Dad, having to prove yourself all over again to a demanding boss while dealing with the day-to-day stress of managing a family may be a hassle you don’t want right now. Working for someone who “gets it” is a situation worth hanging onto until you have your feet underneath you and a solid support system in place.