When Is the Right Time to Take a Career Risk?

Your Level of Risk Depends on Age & Circumstances


Time to switch it up and try something different. If you are restless and ready for a new challenge, but not sure where to start, try mentoring a young company. You have nothing to lose (a few hours a week?) and everything to gain by sharing your knowledge, experience and a little of your energy to help make the journey a bit easier for someone else.

In the process of doing so, you will not only experience a shot of renewed confidence, you may get recommended for a part-time consulting gig or a full-time role. Reinventing yourself is never an easy process, and finding the time to give back often means a trade-off on personal time. But the bottom line is, in order to stay relevant you have to keep exposing yourself to new situations, people and technologies.

The ideals of your teens and twenties often come back to find you during this decade of work-life. You now have the experience, as well as the passion and energy, to pursue those dreams. By now everyone else has figured out that you were onto something! The time is now to start planning out a more aggressive professional growth strategy if you were unable to keep contributing to your 401K/retirement funds over the past seven years. If you aren’t already doing so, you should be maxing out your 401K contributions and seeking a more generous vacation package, and severance agreements, if available.