Why American Workers Aren't Negotiating Salary

Survey Finds Fear, Stress, and Lack of Confidence Hampers Salary Negotiation

Workers Are Negotiating Less Often

We love all things salary negotiation. It’s our business, our passion, and the reason our company exists. But it’s not enough for us to love it, we need you to love it as well.

Unfortunately, many of you aren’t convinced of the importance of negotiating your salary.

For the last few years we’ve conducted a survey to determine how often people negotiate, when they negotiate, and why they’re afraid of negotiating. It culminates in our annual Salary Negotiation Week, in which you can pick up some great tips on salary negotiation tactics. This year, we surveyed 731 people and asked them about their negotiation habits and discovered a disturbing trend – salary negotiation seems to be on the decline. Find out how infrequently people are negotiating salary and why.