CompAnalyst provides the data and insights you need to make compensation decisions with confidence. Easily create, edit, and share reports that analyze compensation across the organization.

Collaborate Across Your Organiztion
  • In-Module Reporting: Run reports without having to leave CompAnalyst Jobs, Employees, or Composites. Simply click a button and have access to tabular reports within your workflow.

  • Searchable, Shareable Reports: Use our universal search feature to quickly locate report templates, saved reports, and custom data visualizations from any page in CompAnalyst. Export and send presentation-ready reports directly to stakeholders.

Easy Access to Answers
  • Leverage Pre-Defined Templates: Our template library allows you to get started quickly by helping to define a report output based on the most frequently used templates.

  • Schedule Reports to Run Automatically: Easily set up any report to run at any frequency – weekly, daily, monthly, and for any duration.

  • Find Reports by Question: Search for reports by typing in a question or using keywords, and CompAnalyst will automatically return appropriate questions that matched the input.

Insights You Need to Get It Right

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