Competitive Compensation

CompAnalyst® addresses the universal business need for accurate, up-to-date market pricing information. CompAnalyst blends data from multiple sources to create a current market price for your next offer.

Unparalleled Salary Data
  • 800 Million Data Points and Counting: HR-reported pay data delivers prices for every job in every pay market - even those not found in traditional surveys.

  • 15,000 Job Titles: Access the largest, aggregate job database with over 15,000 unique job titles.

  • 225 Industries: Review detailed industry information with complete industry definitions to find data specific to you and your peers.

  • 42,000 Geographies: Find data for every geography imaginable, from the national level all the way down to zip-code locations.

Find the Right Compensation
  • Company-Specific Data: Access to multiple compensation data points and the ability to choose specific industries, locations, and company sizes.

  • Clear View of Compensation: Easily see a breakdown of a job and determine the right compensation for it to be externally competitive.

Exclusive Pricing Factors
  • Every Job is Unique: Add, edit, or remove compensable factors such as years of experience, education, skills, competencies, certifications, and licenses from jobs to see impact on job pricing.

  • Suggested Job Matches: Once you make an adjustment to a job, CompAnalyst will automatically present new suggested job matches.

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