's 16th Annual Mom Salary Survey

How Much is Your Mom Worth?

Moms. We love them and for good reason. After all, they brought us into the world, raised us, taught us right from wrong and supported us in just about everything we’ve ever done. Biological? Adopted? It doesn’t matter. We owe our mothers everything. And even though they’re too selfless to collect, is giving you the chance to hand your mom a check on Mother’s Day by going to our Mom Salary Wizard and finding out what your mom would be paid if moms were – you know – actually compensated.

So that’s why, for the 16th consecutive year, surveyed more than 15,000 moms to find out what their most time-consuming jobs are and how much time per week they spend on each. Then we applied our extensive salary data to each job, factored in the number of hours worked including overtime, crunched all the numbers and POOF – we get an estimate of what mothers would make if they were paid an annual salary.

Click on our infographics to learn more about the stay-at-home and working mom salaries!

Calculate Your Own Mom Salary

Every mom is different. That's why we've created a tool that accounts for all the hard work your mom does. When you're done, print out your Mom Paycheck & give it to her as part of your gift.