11 High-Paying Blue Collar Jobs with Mike Rowe

No One Knows Dirty Jobs Better than Mike Rowe

At one point or another, you've probably seen someone performing a "dirty" job and said to yourself "You couldn't pay me enough to do that." But Mike Rowe, host of TV's Dirty Jobs, gets paid to do exactly that. And, in an interview with Salary.com last week, said he thinks more people should follow suit.

Rowe says America is in the midst of a skilled labor shortage, as hundreds of thousands of available jobs go unfilled because workers lack the necessary training. But even more upsetting, Rowe said, is the attitude of many Americans that the trades are merely a last-ditch alternative when college doesn't work out.

Parents have long relied on examples of certain unattractive jobs to motivate their children academically, sending a message of "If you don't get good grades and go to college, you could end up doing that."

But Rowe, with his website www.mikeroweWORKS.com, is out to change that message.