April 2018 Compensation Trends

A Look Back at Spring 2018 HR & Compensation Trends

It’s fascinating to look back at the trends and events that were dominating HR and compensation circles in years’ past. …

Diversity and Inclusion

5 Ways to Support Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Now more than ever, employees tend to have the upper hand when job hunting and employers find themselves going head-to-head …

Is Your Compensation Plan Compliant with the Law?

Tips to Ensure Your Compensation Plan Meets HR Compliance

When it comes to designing, implementing, and administering a comprehensive compensation plan, it’s not just the employer and employee(s) who …

Editor's Pick : Employee Turnover: Calculating the Real Cost

There’s always a slew of numbers floating around the internet claiming to represent the amount of money organizations lose when one of their employees ...

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2020 Minimum Wage Increase in Massachusetts

Minimum wage has increased in Massachusetts and is $12.75/hour as of Jan 1st, 2020. It was the second yearly raise in a row since a …

by Salary.com Staff - February 12, 2020

A Look at Salary History Laws in 2020

Salary history inquiry bans continue to come to the forefront of pay equity discussions in states and cities across the country. Where enacted, these laws …

by Connor Harrison - September 6, 2019

Is PHR Certification Worth the Effort and Expense?

Earning a PHR Certification is not very expensive compared to other HR Certifications, but it does require a significant amount of education and/or experience. Career …

by Salary.com Staff - August 27, 2019

Salary.com Product in the Spotlight: Compensable Factors

We are constantly improving our award-winning CompAnalyst platform with new functionalities that are designed to help you get the right price, for the right job, …

by Stephan Duncan - August 22, 2019

Four Reporting and Analytics Trends That Impact Your Pay Practices

Reports, analyses, and data visualizations are all important tools that can help you read, understand, interpret, and utilize data to make important pay decisions. The …

by Stephan Duncan - July 12, 2019

Salary.com’s 2019-2020 National Salary Budget Survey: Increase Budgets Remain Flat at 3%

For the ninth year in a row, median annual salary increase budgets are expected to remain flat at 3% for the upcoming year, according to results …

by Connor Harrison - July 10, 2019

Rewards Strategies for Hot Jobs

Creating compelling rewards packages for employees in hot jobs is one of the biggest challenges facing compensation and total rewards practitioners today. In today’s talent …

by Sarah Reynolds - June 17, 2019

How You Can Conduct a Salary Comparison

A salary comparison, also known as a wage comparison or pay comparison, is a comparison of the pay for two or more positions, either within …

by Stephan Duncan - June 17, 2019

Understanding the Salary Benchmarking Process

Salary benchmarking, also called compensation benchmarking, is a process by which compensation professionals match internal jobs and their descriptions to similar jobs and descriptions in …

by Connor Harrison - June 17, 2019

What is a Salary Benchmark Job in Compensation?

A salary benchmark job is defined as a job that is widespread across many industries. For example, Accountant is a benchmark job. Some companies may …

by Connor Harrison - June 17, 2019