HR’s Next Frontier: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Despite what some people may think, Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just Alexa ordering replacement paper towels for you, or telling …

Compensation Corral: Your Monthly Round-Up of All Things Comp

At Salary.com, we strive to keep pace with all things compensation and HR. That’s why we’ve started the “compensation corral” …

5 Ways Employers Can Support Diversity and Inclusion

Now more than ever, employees tend to have the upper hand when job hunting and employers find themselves going head-to-head …

Editor's Pick : Employee Turnover: Calculating the Real Cost

There’s always a slew of numbers floating around the internet claiming to represent the amount of money organizations lose when one of their employees ...

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Top 5 Ways to Spend Your Remaining 2018 Total Rewards Budget

As 2018 comes to a close, you may find you have some remaining budget left to spend on total rewards data and technology. Should this …

by Connor Harrison - December 11, 2018

Planning an Office Holiday Party? Avoid the Naughty List Without Being a Scrooge

There’s a lot of controversy about holiday parties these days. With 2018’s #metoo movement, many organizations are worried about the possible legal ramifications of hosting …

by Tory Waldron - December 5, 2018

Your Organization’s Guide to Holiday Bonuses

‘Tis the season for holiday bonuses! Maybe your organization can’t afford to distribute $100,000 holiday bonuses like Hilcorp, but it’s still a great time of …

by Tory Waldron - December 3, 2018

Job Openings Outnumber Unemployed Workers: The Modern War for Talent Wages On

It’s the best of times for employees in the U.S., and the worst of times for HR professionals. In both September and October 2018, the Job …

by Tory Waldron - November 28, 2018

5 Socially Conscious Initiatives to Help Your Business Attract Top Talent

These days, employees elect to join companies with socially-conscious missions – making corporate social responsibility (CSR) essential for businesses of all sizes. And, with millennials …

by Tory Waldron - November 2, 2018

5 Hiring Trends Your Organization Should Consider

In the modern war for talent, the best candidates are off the market in an average of 8 days. While industry type, brand reputation, job …

by Connor Harrison - October 29, 2018

A Guide to Recognizing and Eliminating Bullying from Your Office

Unfortunately, bullying doesn’t just stop off in the school yard. Bullies grow up just like everyone else. And where do they land? The workplace. What …

by Tory Waldron - October 19, 2018

An Overview of LTI Options for Your Organization: Non-Equity Based Plans

In the war for talent, many folks have quit their jobs and found higher-paying gigs. Organizations are finding new ways to retain longtime employees. Performance-based …

by Connor Harrison - October 16, 2018

An Overview of STI Options for Your Organization: Profit Sharing Plans

In the war for talent, organizations are ultra-focused on recruiting highly-skilled job seekers and retaining top employees. In addition to a competitive base salary, employees value other …

by Connor Harrison - October 16, 2018

An Overview of LTI Options for Your Organization: Equity-Based Plans

In the war for talent, organizations are pulling out all the stops to retain veteran employees. A steadily increasing salary and short-term incentives go a …

by Connor Harrison - October 16, 2018