9 Jobs Most Likely to be Taken Over by Robots

Thanks to Technology, Many Jobs Will Be Fully Automated in the Near Future

Going, Going, Gone

You know all those movies where the robots become sentient and start to rise up against humans? Well, turns out it might not be as much hyperbole as we originally thought.

Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and if it strikes people in certain professions there's a pretty good chance they could be out of a job. If you work in a profession that lends itself to potential automation, the possibility of machines doing your job faster and cheaper is a real threat. But could robots, machines, and computer programs really take the place of humans? Newsflash -- it's already happening.

But thanks to an initiative from NPR, now we can see what the approximate chances are that your job will one day be automated.

Researchers looked at a wide spectrum of jobs and scored them based on nine possible traits -- the four most important being whether the job requires coming up with clever solutions, being personally required to help others directly, fitting into small spaces, and whether or not the job requires negotiation. While the researchers fully admit these are rough estimates and far from the most scientific findings, it still serves as a warning and decent indicator of which careers could soon be closed to living, breathing human beings.

Here are nine jobs most likely to be go the way of robots.