Want to Make a Six-Figure Salary? Here are 10 Jobs that Pay Over $100k

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Is it a dream of yours to have a job that pays over six figures? While many say money doesn't buy happiness, it can certainly alter a person's lifestyle. Although it depends on the location of the job and other factors, certain occupations are known for paying much more handsomely than others.

According to Salary.com data, here are 10 jobs that pay out the "big bucks." We've also provided job descriptions for each one so you can decide if any of these jobs sound right for you to pursue.  

1) School Principal: $103,217 

A School Principal directs and oversees education and teaching programs for an assigned school. Responsibilities include developing the curriculum, staffing departments, reviewing faculty performance, and creating an atmosphere conducive to scholarly pursuits. Principals also ensure all school activities are within budgetary guidelines.  

2) Veterinarian: $103,486 

A Veterinarian provides medical services in support of the health of animals. This person also prescribes medications, establishes and administers treatment plans, performs surgeries on animals, as well as evaluates and approves animal care and laboratory protocols to ensure compliance with veterinary standards and statutory requirements.

3) Construction Manager: $106,696 

A Construction Manager is responsible for the overall management of construction projects. This person oversees multiple projects at one time with the aid of Resident Construction Managers, and ensures construction projects are completed on time and to the client's satisfaction. They also assist in staffing, outlining project plans, setting project goals/deadlines, and evaluating performance.  

4) Supply Chain Manager: $107,422 

A Supply Chain Manager oversees and manages overall supply chain and logistics operations to maximize efficiency and minimize cost of organization's supply chain. This person also collaborates with multiple-functional managers to plan and execute on the development of a distribution center operational process to enable seamless transfers, as well as manages and monitors vendor's qualification and performance to ensure they meet company's requirements.  

5) Astronomer: $109,534 

An Astronomer studies, researches, and analyzes celestial phenomena. They also develop methodologies to solve problems in physics and mathematics.  

6) Sales Manager: $112,202 

A Sales Manager manages and directs a sales force to achieve sales and profit goals. This person also designs and recommends sales programs and sets short- and long-term sales strategies. Additionally, they are expected to evaluate and implement appropriate new sales techniques to increase the department's sales volume and potentially recommend product or service enhancements to improve customer satisfaction and sales potential. They are also responsible for making sure projects are completed on time and within budget, and in advising the sales team regarding projects, tasks, and operations.  

7) Certified Nurse Anesthetist: $117,546 

A Certified Nurse Anesthetist prescribes solutions and administers anesthetic following specified methods and procedures. They also inform the physician of patient's condition during anesthesia, and perform pre- and post-anesthesia patient visits and documents anesthesia notes on patient records.  

8) Optometrist: $119,391 

An Optometrist provides primary care and medical treatment to patients with visual system disorders and diseases. Examines patient's eyes to detect and diagnose vision problems, diseases, and other conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension. Develops treatment plans and prescribes eyeglasses, contact lenses, and/or medication to treat eye disorders. Educates patients on proper eye care and treatment plans.  

9) Pharmacist: $127,829 

A Pharmacist Compounds and dispenses prescribed drugs per physician's instructions in a hospital or healthcare facility setting. Consults with medical staff about potential drug interactions, patient medical history, and the use of particular medications. Responds to questions from patients about medications and dosage instructions. Ensures that all required pharmacy data is recorded and maintained and complies with all regulatory, security and hospital procedures. May supervise pharmacy technicians.  

10) Dean of Education: $145,019 

A Dean of Education manages administrative functions of the college of education. Develops college strategic initiatives and participates in university long-term planning and policy setting. Leads college in fundraising and cultivating relationships with donors. Provides senior level administrative leadership in areas of curriculum development, institutional assessment and improvement, human resource, faculty development and performance appraisals, budget and finance, and facilities planning and management.  

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