How to Become a Crime Analyst

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Crime Analyst

What does a Crime Analyst do?

A Crime Analyst conducts investigations of criminal cases. Analyzes collected data or evidence and prepares documentation for legal action. Being a Crime Analyst conducts surveillance and interviews witnesses. Interfaces with various law enforcement agencies. Additionally, Crime Analyst may require an associate degree or its equivalent. Typically reports to a supervisor or a manager. The Crime Analyst contributes to moderately complex aspects of a project. Work is generally independent and collaborative in nature. To be a Crime Analyst typically requires 4 to 7 years of related experience.

People's Opinions on Crime Analyst responsibilities

Crime analysts gather, compile, and interpret data from crime reports to determine trends in a particular geographic area.

11/26/2019: New Suffolk, NY

The crime analyst helps law enforcement agencies and detectives focus on areas of concern, growing problems, and areas in a particular jurisdiction where crime prevention techniques appear to be ineffective.

12/05/2019: Utica, NY

Crime analysts most commonly work for medium to large law enforcement agencies, since many smaller law enforcement agencies do not have the budget or the size to justify a crime analysis department.

10/02/2019: Florence, AL

In some cases, police officers are trained and appointed as crime analysts.

11/28/2019: Tuscaloosa, AL

Crime analysts use data collection and mapping software to compile information received from police reports.

12/05/2019: Greenville, MS
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Step 2: Learn best tips to become a Crime Analyst

Best tips for those who want to become a Crime Analyst

Here are some tips to become a Crime Analyst.

People's Opinions on best tips

Please give an overview of your role and what this involves on a day-to-day basis.

01/01/2020: Carson City, NV

Top 11 Questions to Verify Experience and Credentials As Crime Analyst.

12/28/2019: Allentown, PA

Explain the similarities and differences.

11/23/2019: Denver, CO

Johnson address the burglary problem more.

12/03/2019: Lynchburg, VA

You may use the Services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with these Terms of Use.

12/02/2019: Bellingham, WA
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Step 3: View best colleges and universities for Crime Analyst

Best colleges and universities for Crime Analyst

  • Princeton University
  • Providence College
  • Rollins College
  • Taylor University
  • Bentley University
  • University of Portland

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be a Crime Analyst

Is being a Crime Analyst Worth it?

People's Opinions on lifestyles

A genuine and proactive interest in becoming a subject matter expert in financial crime.

11/29/2019: Terre Haute, IN

Learn more from a real crime analyst and criminal profiler in the course Crime Studies.

12/10/2019: New York, NY

Of course crime analysis includes studying other disorderly conduct in cohorts with the police department and occasionally includes apprehension of criminals.

11/18/2019: Fort Collins, CO

In this course A Workshop in Probability and Statistics you can climb over your fear of the subject and get closer to becoming a crime analyst.

11/24/2019: Oakland, CA

It gets even more specific, temporal crime analysis includes studying times of day, time between like crimes and weekly or monthly crime records.

12/06/2019: Sacramento, CA
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Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for being a Crime Analyst

What skills do you need to be a Crime Analyst?

There are skills required to succeed in every role, and this one is no different.  Strategic knowledge of the follow skills will be required: Investigations, Records Management, Regulatory Reporting, Surveillance, Evidence Collection, Law Enforcement Liaison, Interviewing Witnesses, Law Enforcement.  For success, a grasp of the following is key: Public Safety Software.  Your ability to stand out from the competition depends on these skills, as well as your resume, interview, and other factors.

People's Opinions on Crime Analyst skills

Analysts are often non-sworn members of a law enforcement department, making crime analysis one of many great civilian criminal justice careers available today.

12/24/2019: Muskegon, MI

A crime analyst 's salary varies based on the level of experience, geographical location, and other factors.

10/22/2019: Juneau, AK

Analysts must have strong communication and analytical skills as well as great writing ability.

11/11/2019: Providence, RI

Full Time) Experience in using GIS applications and techniques in the field of crime analysis and law enforcement operations.

12/03/2019: Raleigh, NC

Subject matter expert for team of five other analyst regarding BSA/AML and Fraud.

10/03/2019: Everett, WA
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Step 6: View average salary for Crime Analyst

How much does a Crime Analyst make?

The average salary range for a Crime Analyst is from $38,248 to $56,276. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills.

Salary range for a Crime Analyst
$38,248 to $56,276

Step 7: Find relevant Crime Analyst jobs, and apply.

Looking for Crime Analyst jobs?

Here are some Crime Analyst jobs in the United States.

Search Crime Analyst Jobs in the United States

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Crime Analyst

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Crime Analyst? Crime Analyst