How to Become a Manufacturing Technician

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of a Manufacturing Technician

What does a Manufacturing Technician do?

A Manufacturing Technician operates production equipment; responsible for manufacturing and assembly of clinical and commercial products. Follows blueprints, guidelines and/or diagrams to ensure product specifications and tolerance levels are met. Being a Manufacturing Technician maintains required records of production and reports any inconsistencies or equipment issues following standard procedures. May assist with testing of production output. Additionally, Manufacturing Technician typically requires an associate degree. Typically reports to a supervisor. The Manufacturing Technician has gained proficiency in multiple competencies relevant to the job. Works independently within established procedures associated with the specific job function. To be a Manufacturing Technician typically requires 3-5 years of related experience.

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There are manufacturing technician jobs in many fields and this diversity accounts for the potential plethora of responsibilities a technician might have.

12/04/2019: Evansville, IN

In a general sense, the manufacturing technician may implement processes to help create products or test materials.

01/17/2020: Dothan, AL

Instead, the engineer may design the process, make sure the technician knows how to follow all instructions to complete it, and then only check in as materials or results are produced.

02/13/2020: Bradenton, FL

In order to be able to complete a process, the manufacturing technician is skilled at reading technical instructions and is able to do things like operate highly sophisticated machinery.

01/05/2020: Sioux Falls, SD

There are many companies that do no hire employees for manufacturing jobs unless they possess an AA.

01/21/2020: Springfield, MO
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Step 2: Learn best tips to become a Manufacturing Technician

Best tips for those who want to become a Manufacturing Technician

Here are some tips to become a Manufacturing Technician.

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Seeking a position with ABC Technologies as a Manufacturing Technician to utilize solid skills in CAD programs and GMP Compliance and superb attention to detail to meet daily quotas and assist in process improvement.

02/07/2020: Hopkinsville, KY

Manufacturing Technician with an unparalleled safety record, outstanding computer skills, and three years of experience in a fast-paced environment seeking a position at ABC Technologies.

12/30/2019: Knoxville, TN

Reliable, hardworking professional with ten years of experience operating, maintaining and programming hydraulic and electrical components seeking position as a Manufacturing Technician at ABD Manufacturing.

12/12/2019: Columbus, OH

Obtain a position at ABC Manufacturing to use superior technical skills honed over ten years of experience in a fast-paced manufacturing environment as a Manufacturing Technician.

02/10/2020: Hartford, CT

Top 12 secrets to win every job interviews.

01/16/2020: Muskegon, MI
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Step 3: View best colleges and universities for Manufacturing Technician

Best colleges and universities for Manufacturing Technician

  • Butler University
  • Carroll College
  • Cooper Union
  • High Point University
  • Princeton University
  • Providence College

Step 4: Think about whether is it worth to be a Manufacturing Technician

Is being a Manufacturing Technician Worth it?

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LEWISTON – Western Maine Community Action (WMCA), Lewiston CareerCenter (LCC), and RSU 16 Adult Education,  are offering another opportunity for Manufacturing Technician  training with Northeast Technical Institute (NTI).   The training program offers 280 hours of classroom and lab hours and 60-hours of WorkReady (WR) skills.

02/20/2020: Abilene, TX

A Manufacturing Technician Training course starting September 6 at Northeast Technical Institute (NTI) in Lewiston through a collaborative partnership with Western Maine Community Action (WMCA), Lewiston CareerCenter (LCC) and RSU16 Adult Education.  Agency partners (pictured l-r) seated Patti Saarinen, WMCA Program Coordinator–Central/Western Maine CareerCenters; Jessica Blanchard, NTI Director of Education and Training.

02/14/2020: Atlanta, GA

Manufacturing technicians use mechanical and technical skills to set up and install operating machines, perform basic and preventative maintenance to keep them running smoothly, and oversee the computer programs that control the machines.

12/08/2019: Idaho Falls, ID

LEWISTON — Manufacturing technician training will be offered at Northeast Technical Institute through a program with Western Maine Community Action, Lewiston CareerCenter and RSU 16 Adult Education.

01/14/2020: Santa Ana, CA

Job DescriptionManufacturing Technicians perform functions associated with all wafer production including operations, equipments, process and training.

02/11/2020: Dallas, TX
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Step 5: Prepare relevant skills for being a Manufacturing Technician

What skills do you need to be a Manufacturing Technician?

Supporting level roles often require a broad range of skills to ensure jobs can be executed accurately and efficiently.  Some of the more relevant day-to-day skills for this role include: Injection Molding, Machine Operation, Machine Programming, Manufacturing, Machining, Milling, Numerical Control, Precision Machining, Precision Measurement.  Success in this function is highly dependant upon these skills, as well as others specific to each individual company.

People's Opinions on Manufacturing Technician skills

Manufacturing Technicians are responsible for understanding and monitoring the machines that produce the products.

12/17/2019: Montgomery, AL

Manufacturing Technicians use a blend of mechanical and technical skills to perform their duties.

12/30/2019: Altus, OK

Manufacturing Technicians have to be proficient in the software used to run computer-operated machinery.

02/19/2020: Frankfort, KY

Most of the skills Manufacturing Technicians use are learned through on-the-job training.

01/07/2020: Reading, PA

It is possible to go to vocational school to give oneself a leg up, but most of the skills used by Manufacturing Technicians can only be learned by doing.

01/29/2020: Fresno, CA
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Step 6: View average salary for Manufacturing Technician

How much does a Manufacturing Technician make?

The average salary range for a Manufacturing Technician is from $43,128 to $59,968. The salary will change depending on your location, job level, experience, education, and skills.

Salary range for a Manufacturing Technician
$43,128 to $59,968

Step 7: Find relevant Manufacturing Technician jobs, and apply.

Looking for Manufacturing Technician jobs?

Here are some Manufacturing Technician jobs in the United States.

Search Manufacturing Technician Jobs in the United States

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Manufacturing Technician

Step 8: Explore Career Path of Manufacturing Technician? Manufacturing Technician II