Doctors Dominate High Paying Jobs

by Connor Harrison - July 13, 2018
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Is salary your top priority when searching for a job? It may come as no surprise that doctors dominate the realm of high paying jobs, according to data. These roles require advanced degrees and intense training, but you'll be sitting pretty once you start practicing.

Here are jobs in the medical field that come with hefty salaries:

1) Physician - Cardiology - Invasive

Median Salary: $407,692

2) Physician - Radiology 

Median Salary: $397,527

3) Surgeon

Median Salary: $377,479

4) Physician - Cardiology - Non-Invasive

Median Salary: $374,924

5) Anesthesiologist

Median Salary: $372,767

6) Physician - Gastroenterology

Median Salary: $363,721

7) Physician - Urology

Median Salary: $363,297

8) Physician - Otolaryngology

Median Salary: $359,887

9) Physician - Dermatology

Median Salary: $331,978

10) Physician - Nuclear Medicine

Median Salary: $321,194

Not interested in medical school but still want a high-paying job? Find out your worth. 

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