Top 15 Jobs Most Likely to Be Fired during COVID-19

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in all states of the United States, the number of unemployed people has climbed in recent weeks. So far, about 22 million citizens have applied for unemployment relief for the first time. Behind this number, 22 million unemployment stories and many people's lives that have been impacted. So, what are the top 15 jobs most likely to be laid off?

1. Restaurant Staff

Affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, the US catering industry has suffered heavy losses. Recently, the National Restaurant Association conducted a survey on the current status of the restaurant industry, and the results are not promising.

The report surveyed more than 6,500 restaurant operators across the country from April 10-16 and found that two-thirds of restaurant workers have been unemployed, In addition to that more than 8 million restaurant labors were dismissed or forced to quit job.

2. Theatre Staff

Under the outbreak, many theaters were forced to close. "On March 12, we were informed that all Broadway shows would be suspended for 30 days," said Rachel sterner, the stage manager for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Although it's common to be fired when working in a theater, you can always find another way out. But now under the situation of Covid19 pandemic, there will be no work for a long time. Even if the performance starts again, no one knows when the audience will come back.

3. Staff Work for Leisure Places

Since people cannot go out, the profits of many leisure places such as cafes, bars, and yoga studios have also fallen sharply, and some companies can't even survive.

Byron Gomez is a cafe manager. According to him, April is usually the busiest time of the year due to the celebration of many festivals. However, since the profit margin of the cafe is not high, and the peak sales season due to the epidemic is missed, it is very difficult to operate now. Byron Gomez and his wife have applied for unemployment benefits but have not received the federal stimulus check yet. Although they have about $300 in savings now, if they do use the savings, the money will soon be depleted.

4. Real Estate Agent

Affected by the epidemic, the US home sales dropped significantly. In states where the new coronavirus has hit the hardest, housing purchase applications have fallen even more: 35% in New York, 23% in California and 17% in Washington.

John Dignan, a real estate agent, said: "The epidemic suddenly broke out and people's intention to buy a house fell. The two staff members who worked with me have been fired and they are now struggling."

5. Professional Sports Staff

According to Forbes, the loss of major sports events in North America due to the COVID-19 epidemic is at least 5 billion US dollars, including tickets, franchise rights, sponsorship rights and TV broadcasting rights.

Stadium security guards, janitors and construction labors whose work depends on the game are facing hard financial difficulties than players who earn millions of dollars on average. After the suspension, these full or part-time workers lost their income completely.

6. Zoo Staff

Kerian ballanco is a zookeeper. She never thought she would be fired before, because people felt that after entering the zoo, the job would be relatively stable. Her supervisor told her that animals need daily care, so breeders are essential.

However, due to the epidemic, the zoo has no income so to maintain operations and raise animals, many zoos have to lay off staff and close down.

7. Travel Industry Staff

Under the influence of the epidemic, the development of tourism has stagnated. Take Colorado as an example, tourism is one of its pillar industries. The income of ski resorts and hotels has declined considerably. At the same time, many tour guides have lost their jobs due to lack of customers.

Joe Barrera, executive director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, said: "As far as we know, on March 9, only 400 people entered the system to submit applications for unemployment benefits, but yesterday (17th) at 10 o'clock, 6800 people tried to log in to start the unemployment compensation process."

8. Employees of Export Trading Company

In Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren was working for an export freight company. She lost her primary job after the outbreak of new coronavirus epidemic. She said she was mentally prepared for this, because the international business transactions were forced to stop and the company could no longer continue to operate. At the same time, her side job, as an event planner, was unable to make money as people are confined to home.

9. Hotel Staff

According to the US Business Insider website, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has hit the hotel industry quite hard, even the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC is asking the federal government to reduce rents.

Against this background, many hotels are facing great challenges. The data shows that the hotel industry has seen large-scale layoffs.

10. Movie and TV Staff

Many Hollywood stars and staff including Oscar film star Tom Hanks and Marvel actor Idris Elba have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the global box office has lost at least $7 billion by the end of February, and the withdrawal trend from March to May will increase the loss by another $10 billion. The suspension of the film and television industry will lead to sudden unemployment of actors, lighting engineers, drivers, administrative staff, painters, hair stylists, etc. In addition, the cinema staff will be greatly affected.

11. Construction Company Staff

Because people are isolated at home, construction companies cannot function properly, and many companies are at risk of bankruptcy.

From mid-March to early April, Bay Area companies laid off a total of 21,600 people, according to the California Department of labor (EDD) statistics. Among them, nine construction companies in the Bay Area alone submitted layoff notices, affecting more than 2,000 employees.

In addition, some other industries are also seriously affected by the epidemic. At present, because there are many large companies in these industries, and they have strong anti-risk ability, there are not many layoffs. But if the epidemic does not stop, they may also lay off employees.

12. Aviation Corporation Staff

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the global aviation industry has been seriously impacted. Delta Air Lines' CEO Ed Bastian wrote to employees that the company's second-quarter revenue would fall by 10 billion US dollars, equivalent to an 80% plunge from the same period last year. Currently, 13,000 of the company's 90,000 employees have voluntarily suspended their salaries. Some analysts predict that airlines will not be able to resume normal business in the next two years, so their prospects are worrying.

13. Staff of Large Amusement Park

On April 1, New York and other places in the US where the epidemic was widespread, took stricter measures such as closing playgrounds and issuing home isolation orders to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19. Affected by this, many amusement parks are facing crisis.

Under the impact of the epidemic, Disney's stock price has fallen by more than 26% since the beginning of 2020. Disney also stopped paying salaries to its 100,000 employees, accounting for nearly half of its global workforce.

14. Oil Company Employees

WTI crude oil contract in America fell out of "negative oil price" in a record way attracted public opinion in the global market, and the US crude oil companies are under great pressure.

On April 26, following Whiting Petroleum, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc., a Houston-based offshore drilling company, formally filed for bankruptcy protection. And according to relevant documents, the company has about 2500 employees.

15. Large Shopping Mall Staff

Although the supermarket business is very hot during the epidemic, the operation of large-scale shopping malls is relatively difficult, especially the retail business of shopping malls which has almost stagnated.

For example, the Leesburg Outlets in Washington used to be crowded with buyers and tourists, but now because no more people are coming to the big shopping centers, more than 100 international famous brand stores are closed, and the fate of employees is still unknown.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it is difficult for the unemployed persons to live a normal life. In addition to receiving the government's welfare, people who lost their job can also try to find some sidelines to increase their income, at the same time, they must eliminate their unnecessary expenses and use their savings, so that they can expand sources of income. We hope that the COVID-19 can pass quickly and people's lives can return to normal.

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