4DV ANALYTICS is redefining trend prediction, adaptation, and more. We provide customizable solutions for: ● Integrated Big Data. ● Geo-Spacial Solutions. ● Machine Learning applications for Global Synoptic Data. ● Location Analytics ● Event Detection, Anomaly Detection, Pattern Recognition, Prediction, Patterns of Life, Classification, Identification. We provide custom machine learning services to companies looking to develop proprietary ML solutions on their internal data ● We offer Fixed Price solutions to develop minimum viable models ● We offer customization of our products to fit the cus ... tomers needs Based in Ashburn, Virginia, 4DV Analytics (formerly Business & Engineering Systems Corporation) is an innovative company that develops geospatially-aware text and data mining solutions for business intelligence applications. We provide solutions that give near real-time decision support by correlating data from satellite sensors, text (with/without metadata), geospatial sources, and derived quantitative measurements. We use advanced signal processing techniques to measure changes in the data and emerging events to predict probable trends in areas such as econometrics, import-export activity, and consumer activity. Our algorithms learn and adapt with the underlying mechanics and fundamentals of the data, making it possible for our algorithms and predictors to evolve as structural changes occur. This minimizes issues with structural breaks that occur in commonly used techniques. We support clients in a variety of markets, including business consulting, investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions, technology assessments, business intelligence, defense, and law enforcement. We provide design solutions and advisory services for earth observation systems, real-time decision support systems, social media analytics, competitive intelligence, market decision support, and mission critical applications. More

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Program Management Assistant. High visibility national security mission. Become a member of a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals that are solving our customers number one mission needs. 4DV ANALYTICS is looking for a Program Management Assistant. The ideal candidate should have experience with data analysis, systems engineering, or technical program support experience related to IT systems, is organized and is a systematic problem solver. You will be working with the Program Manager in a devops environment supporting the definition of technical projects for the team while triagin... view job details