Our vision: building the good life. For employees and contractors, this means satisfying work, a culture of learning, strong values, and high fives. It means a place you're proud to bring your kids to. For homeowners, this means giving your dreams a voice, your passions a studio, and your needs a walk-in closet. It means planning with excitement, construction with confidence, and hospitality with pride. For renters, this means not building units, but homes. This means more than stops along the way, but places worth nesting and investing in. For investors, this means stories more interesting th ... an the stock market. It means homes and developments you'll be proud to stand by, and live by. For government partners, it means contributing to our communities one home at a time. It means a legacy you can touch, one that will last a hundred years. We believe this is a vision worth working for, for all of us. Let's build the good life together. • • • • • Founded in 1917 as a custom home builder, we've grown to become the East Bay's premier holistic real estate development firm. We combine design, development, and construction, and bring an integrated and custom mindset to every project type: single homes, multifamily, commercial, and remodels. Current stats: * 750+ homes developed * $291M under management * 77 projects approved * 50 employees * 34 active jobs * 4 divisions * 3 company values * 1 shared vision More

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ABOUT BRANAGH. Branagh is a private East Bay construction company that started as a custom home builder. Over the last century, we have grown into a comprehensive real estate development firm. Our strength is spotting underutilized properties, seeing their potential, and framing a better future for those properties and the surrounding communities. Our vision is to build the good life: for our clients, our employees, and our investors. POSITION SUMMARY. We are seeking an Accounts Payable Specialist to join our accounting team. The Accounts Payable Specialist is responsible for the complete proc... view job details