Chicago White Metal Casting (CWM) is a custom producer of aluminum, magnesium, zinc and miniature zinc die castings. Founded in 1937, the company delivers high-tech, award-winning die castings worldwide to leading OEM manufacturers. Die casting design and production services include: * DFM evaluation * Magmasoft process simulation of die designs with CAD/CAM tooling construction * Various prototype options (in-house and other) * Process-controlled six-sigma die casting production * Advanced in-house CNC machining enabling delivery of components requiring post-casting operations * A full range ... of surface finishing options * Contract assembly * DC2: Online Die Cast Design Center** **DC2 (Die Cast Design Center), is a free online resource for die casting. The center offers over 100 technical papers to assist engineers through the die casting process, a large video library covering multiple designing for die casting concepts, design guides, and case studies . The popular online subscription is free to any OEM design engineer, purchasing specifier, or OEM design consultant. CWM's quality and environmental management systems are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered. More

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Description. Job purpose. Manages and directs all Marketing Functions and provides specialized support to the Sales & Marketing Department. Essential Functions. 1. Manages design, content, and images of marketing collateral (or with outside marketing entities as needed).. 2. Provides well-written pieces for newsletters, blogs, advertisements, articles, award submissions, etc,. 3. Manages the creation and distribution of marketing-related e-mail & regular mail to prospects, customers, sales representatives, and direct sales & management, as needed.. 4. Manage a “library” of Sales/Mktg documents... view job details