Vision: Midland 2021, is a growing urban center in Texas, with a healthy economy and a vibrant downtown. We enjoy great living, abundant leisure opportunities, and effective transportation - easy movement through our City. Our diverse Midland Community works together for a bright sustainable future; our City is a recognized leader.

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Performs all duties related to the public education and enforcement of Animal Services ordinances and state and local health laws. Responds to citizen inquiries regarding nuisance animals, dead animal pick up, animal capture and disease information. Investigates rabies inquiries, gathers victim and owner information, captures animals for quarantine and advises on state rabies control laws.  Prepares and ships rabies specimens. Captures and restrains, releases or disposes of wild animals such as skunks, bats, foxes, badgers, and possums. Manages livestock by capturing, returning, restraining, o... view job details

Collects parking fees from airport customers and inventories parking lot vehicles. Collects parking fees and makes change as needed. Completes promissory notes and works with customers who have lost tickets.. Conducts daily physical inventories of parking lots at the airport. Inventories number of parking tickets generated each day.. Balances cash drawer to computer records of parking lot fees.. Maintains a log of work performed and submits daily paperwork to supervisor.. Assists customers as necessary with such things as directions, local information, flight information and car repairs.. Clea... view job details

Performs inspections of private and public properties to ensure compliance with municipal ordinances, zoning and land use regulations which govern the maintenance of property, grounds and structures. Visually inspects properties for code violations as initiated by a complaint or routine inspection. Enters data into the computer to generate notice of violations to property owners or to record inspections. Responds to citizen calls regarding code violations, mail information regarding zoning or city regulations. Researches planned districts, nonconforming uses, plats and illegal uses of property... view job details

The Contact Tracer/Investigator will contact those diagnosed with COVID-19 to elicit contacts during infectious period as well as those people with contact of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 to notify of the exposure, document an initial and periodic symptom check, refer them for testing according to established protocols, and provide them with instructions for quarantine. This position will conduct or assist with workplace and healthcare facility notification and conduct outbreak/cluster investigation. Contact Tracers are required to follow all scripts, policies and procedures provided by City... view job details

Performs daily field inspections of routine maintenance contracts and construction contracts for the Parks and Recreation Division. Performs daily inspections of routine maintenance contracts and construction contracts. Keeps a journal of work performed and daily progress on contract time lines. Fills out reports and submits to supervision. Inspects grounds, playgrounds, athletic areas and facilities for repairs. Helps to develop plans and specifications for future contracts. Works weekends and evenings as required. Performs other related duties as required. Ability to sit, stand and transport... view job details

Provides forensic services to the Police Department, including processing of crime scenes and evidence, making fingerprint comparisons, and acting as a liaison between other departments within the agency and outside agencies. Responds to a variety of crime scene calls, including but not limited to: homicide, unattended death, suicide, fatality accidents, robbery, kidnapping, and burglary. Must adhere to a rotating on call schedule in addition to regular office hours. Documents, collects, processes, and stores evidence. Photographs crime scenes. Takes photographs of persons, injuries, property,... view job details

Troubleshoots and maintains electrical, SCADA and control equipment for the well field, Purification Plant, Water Pollution Control Plant, water storage towers, booster station. BUDGETARY RESPONSIBILITIES:. Assists in the development of the budget and makes recommendations for purchases and capital items to the appropriate division during the annual budget process. Troubleshoots and repairs electrical service to any facility within the Utilities Department.. Troubleshoots and repairs control circuits at any facility within the Utilities Department.. Troubleshoots and repairs SCADA equipment at... view job details

This position will be employed by Midland Development Corporation, NOT City of Midland.. This position is for either an entry level, or more experienced senior level, Engineering Assistant / Engineer Graduate at the Midland Development Corporation depending on business need and applicant's qualification.. Entry Level:. Performs entry-level engineering work. Design activity is supervised by a licensed/registered professional engineer who has authority for final approval of all projects.  Work requires some contact with local governmental representatives, engineering consultants, construction co... view job details

Disposes for refuse through the use of heavy equipment at the Landfill. Disposes of refuse with the use of heavy equipment such as compactors, scrapers, bulldozers and related equipment.. Maintains access roads to the Landfill.. Covers refuse at the end of each day.. Maintains all equipment in good working order and keeps records of service problems.  Submits daily maintenance sheets to supervisor.. Performs preventive maintenance on equipment such as oil changes.  Determines when servicing of vehicles is required.. Monitors vehicles as they enter, unload and leave the Landfill.  Gives directi... view job details

Performs field work regarding current or past water service. Turns water on for new customers, disconnects water for customers leaving or reconnects service that had been disconnected. Obtains new or current readings due to new service or broken lines.. Sets meters to establish or re-establish service.. Pulls meters should instances occur when customer fails to set up service.. Collects past due utilities bills so that water can be connected.. Changes our broken meter stop valves and meter box lids.. Verifies or re-reads meter information when complaints are filed.. Performs related duties as ... view job details