Fairtrade America is a nonprofit organization representing the Fairtrade International (FLO) system in the United States. We audit and certify companies that use the FAIRTRADE label, the world's most trusted and recognized ethical label. Products carrying the FAIRTRADE label meet the rigorous social, economic and environmental criteria in the internationally-agreed Fairtrade Standards. Fairtrade America works with businesses, community groups, and advocates to build awareness of global trade issues, improve the sustainability of supply chains, and ensure the rights of farmers and workers in de ... veloping countries. Fairtrade America delivers on Fairtrade's vision in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future. The Fairtrade label appears on over 35,000 products in more than 140 countries around the world. More

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At Fairtrade America you will work on behalf of one of the most cutting-edge models for change. Fairtrade America is the independent, non-profit organization behind the Fairtrade Mark, a product label assuring consumers that their purchase helps farmers and workers in the Global South to secure a better deal. Fairtrade America works directly with companies, consumers and campaigners to secure a better deal for farmers and workers who grow products we love like coffee, cocoa and bananas. Fairtrade is a global movement for change. We believe change comes from building meaningful partnerships fro... view job details