At GLHN our motto is Our Success Comes from Helping Others Succeed. Our purpose is to provide an environment where creative people come together to provide innovative solutions which make our clients successful. As an employee-owned organization, we seek to build on each other's talent, design exciting and complicated projects, and have a positive impact on our community. Who we Are Designers of mutual success for 50+ years through personal commitment and expertise in developing solutions that work. The adaptive systems we create reflect our culture; a dynamic, high functioning network of inve ... sted and brilliant individuals. What we Do Our purpose is to bring order to chaos by designing seamlessly supportive complex environments. We create and transform spaces through Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil engineering. Enthusiastic about the future, we are actively engaged with the extended industry community as educators, thinkers and leaders. How we Work Our imaginations thrive on pushing the boundaries of design, technology and sustainability to develop new solutions. Our work style is similar to a great utilities system; an invisible force working in mutual support behind the scenes. More

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POSITION:  Architectural Design Specialist – Sustainability Focus. M-F, 8AM – 5PM       Full-time - 40 hrs/wk. DUTIES: Performs elementary architectural assignments and works from designs of others, compiles data, performs elementary design computations, prepares architectural plans and renderings, and reviews architectural features of structures in the field with a focus on sustainability.  Duties include: Support planning and development of projects, (small and large scope) working under designer, architect or managers’ supervision; Demonstrate general knowledge of building codes and the abi... view job details