GNS is an AI-based platform that offers drug modeling and intervention optimization solutions for the healthcare industry.

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Company Description. GNS Healthcare is on a mission to enable the better matching of drugs and other health interventions to individual patients to cure disease, improve health outcomes, and reduce the total cost of care. By leveraging massive amounts of patient data and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, GNS is bringing a new level of personalization and precision to patients through our biopharma companies, health plan, and patient foundation partners. GNS is dedicated to making personalized medicine a reality in diseases including oncology, auto-immune... view job details

Company Overview. Imagine if we could match patients with the treatments that prove the most effective for them . . .. GNS Healthcare applies a powerful form of AI called causal machine learning to predict which treatments  and care management programs  will work for patients, improving individual patient outcomes and the health of populations, while reducing the total cost of care.. Headquartered in the biotechnology  and health IT center of Cambridge, MA, our patented REFS™ technology is based on recent breakthroughs in causal machine learning and AI that transforms massive quantities of pat... view job details