Industrial Molds Group specializes in all facets of injection mold manufacturing including design, engineering, tooling, and special machining services. We're equally adept at developing new tools, design optimization, or reworking existing tools. Regardless of the scope or size of the project, our project management methods, technological expertise, and quality standards set us apart from our competitors.

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DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:. 1. Manufacture various molds and components according to design. 2. Ensure understanding of job schedule and details. Communicate status of work with Mold Maker or Team Leader. 3. Perform inspection of work performed. 4. Perform preventive maintenance and repair of shop equipment as required. 5. Complete inspection and other reports and records according to company procedures. 6. Keep work area and shop common area’s orderly and clean. 7. Complete other projects as assigned. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to work in a team environment under Team Leader supervision... view job details

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. 1. Contributes to general business planning regarding information technology (IT) and systems required to maintain company operations, competitiveness and increasing productivity. 2. Recognizes new developments in information systems technology, and anticipates organizational modifications. 3. Establishes long-term needs for information systems, and plans strategy for developing systems and acquiring hardware to meet application needs. 4. Ensures confidentiality and reliability of corporate data, proprietary information, and intellectual property. 5. Functions as t... view job details