The right rehab service is key. Though it may seem that all rehab providers offer similar services, look closer and you'll find a world of differences that can affect your patients' health and your center's future. Key Rehab is intentionally different - in the range of services we provide, the systems we adhere to, even the locations in which we provide those services. We offer open and honest communication, years of experience, and the mechanisms necessary for our clients to provide the highest quality of therapy in a results oriented and cost effective manner. Our business and reputation has ... been built on a solid foundation of patient care, client satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and sound financial and organizational management. Each of those principals plays a crucial role as we work to meet the needs of patients, residents, families, health care providers and their businesses. Discover the difference Key Rehab can make for you. More

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Overview. Key Rehab is seeking a licensed therapist (. PT/Assistant, OT/Assistant, or SLP). to fill the role of. Regional Supervisor.. At Key Rehab we believe that the provision of healthcare services is a duty and responsibility as well as a profession. We believe that decisions regarding patient care should be made by cli­nicians in accordance with their clinical judgment. Clinicians are ethically obligated to deliver services that they believe are medically necessary and, in the patient’s best interest. Candidates for the position of Regional Supervisor must support these beliefs, and have ... view job details