Kelly S Mathews LLC ("KSM") focuses solely on motor fuels tax compliance, consulting, and software implementation services. KSM has experience in motor fuels tax return preparation across all 50 states and at the federal level, including ExSTARS reporting. KSM has addressed a variety of motor fuels tax issues for clients, including motor fuels tax licensing, tax determination, and audit support. Our focus and commitment to this specialty area within indirect/excise tax provides a depth of knowledge in motor fuels tax not typically found in other accounting, law, or consulting firms. Mission St ... atement It is the Mission of KSM to provide oil and gas industry clients with highly specialized services in the area of motor fuels taxation by sharing our depth of experience and technical expertise. Our firm's culture of respect and appreciation promotes a workplace where employees feel accomplished, supported, and empowered to use their gifts and talents. This environment, in turn, fosters a professional, approachable, and collaborative team that delivers thorough, understandable answers to client questions and needs. (With an exclamation point.) More

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KSM is the global leader in global supplier of Semiconductor Equipment Business. Through technology leadership and product innovation, KSM continues to help our customers to maximize the potential of their business. We are actively seeking a critical team member within the Sales & Marketing group. Qualifications:. • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Mechanical Engineering or a related field is preferred. • Be able to consult with clients, understand their needs, and assist in sales cycle/closing new business opportunities. • Must have qualification awareness with each prospective client. Have cli... view job details