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SUMMARY. This position is responsible for managing the office, manning reception, scheduling all executive team functions, scheduling installation, site survey, O&M, change-order and technician appointments and assisting the operations team with administrative functions such as document creation and control, communication, arranging events, etc.. A strong professional presence is essential for this position as a gatekeeper not only for the physical premises, but also for the company culture and environment. A team-minded individual with strong analytical and organizational skills that can work... view job details

SUMMARY. P. V. Battery Technicians are responsible for installing photovoltaic solar batteries and ensuring. Kuubix. services meet AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and utility established standards.  This position will be installing Tesla and LG Chem Batteries as well as equipment, wiring, electrical boxes, and supporting structures needed for the project. The ideal candidate is versatile, adaptive, has strong customer relation skills, and is highly attentive to details. We are looking for a dependable person who will maintain a high level of business ethics, professionalism, and excellent ... view job details