Over four decades of service... We've grown and changed, but always remain focused on teens and families The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were a turbulent time for teenagers and their families. Many young people were running away from home as a social statement. Others were running from harmful conditions. The Eugene/ Springfield community, like other communities across the nation, was ill equipped to deal with this growing problem. Few satisfactory options were available. Enter Deborah Waernes, age 17, who had been a runaway, gone through the juvenile court system, and had lived in several fo ... ster and family shelter homes. Deborah saw the need for a program that could help youth and families resolve their problems so running away wasn’t necessary. She turned to others in the community who also shared her concern. Through their combined efforts, Looking Glass was born. After a year of planning, the agency opened its doors in 1970. The original Looking Glass staff was made up entirely of volunteers from social services, mental health, higher education, the clergy and other concerned individuals. Funding came strictly from community donations until 1973 when the first grant was received. Over the years, the agency has broadened its mission and expanded its services to meet the ever-changing needs of children, youth and families. Today, Looking Glass is the largest private, nonprofit provider of services for troubled youth in Lane County, Oregon. The agency offers an array of social services and employs a highly skilled, professional staff, while still maintaining a strong volunteer corps. Funding is diversified and comes from governmental contracts, private insurance, fees for service, charitable giving and United Way. More

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OVERVIEW OF RESPONSIBILITIES. :. Social Service Assistants (SSAs) schedule, coordinate, and supervise recreational and other group activities within Looking Glass' Adjudicated Youth Services (AYS) Residential Treatment Programs. Additionally, SSAs provide input in the planning of program activities, maintain consistency and safety among clients, observe and record behavior patterns to aid in counseling and/or service planning for clients, and document both positive and negative behavior patterns. They provide leadership and direction to resident clients in performing daily housekeeping duties,... view job details