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The Role. As Account Director you will take charge of valued, longstanding MedTouch accounts and keep them humming like well-oiled machines. Leveraging your extensive healthcare and client relationship management experience, you’ll guide clients through website builds, redesigns, digital strategy, and digital campaigns. Collectively, these initiatives will produce results that achieve the strategic business objectives of each client. Your masterful leadership will enable their continued success and ever-growing online presence. You will:. Develop strong and sustainable business relationships w... view job details

The Role. As the Operations Analyst at MedTouch, you will be a catalyst for improvement across the business.  Your natural curiosity about how our business works drives you to uncover new collaborative, cross-team opportunities and make them happen. Your eagerness to learn every facet of new platforms, savviness with numbers and your ambition to build strong, trusted relationships makes you an indispensable piece of how MedTouch grows. You will:. Administer Our Systems + Improve Process to Enable Growth. Learn to expertly navigate our CRM (Salesforce) and project management systems (FinancialF... view job details