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Skill Number Of Jobs Avg. Salary
Skill Academic Focus: Religious Number Of Jobs 1 Avg. Salary $54,996

Skill Andragogy/Adult Learning Number Of Jobs 3 Avg. Salary $57,142

Skill Bereavement Support Number Of Jobs 4 Avg. Salary $76,054

Skill Bookings and Reservations Number Of Jobs 13 Avg. Salary $54,119

Skill Cash and Receipts Management Number Of Jobs 13 Avg. Salary $138,840

Skill Classroom Instruction Number Of Jobs 158 Avg. Salary $131,348

Skill Community Outreach/Activism Number Of Jobs 23 Avg. Salary $154,129

Skill Community Relations Number Of Jobs 15 Avg. Salary $142,147

Skill Counseling Number Of Jobs 29 Avg. Salary $148,028

Counseling is the activity of the counselor, or of a professional who counsels people, especially on personal problems and difficulties. This is a list of counseling topics. More

Skill Crisis Intervention Number Of Jobs 18 Avg. Salary $124,802

Provide valuable and necessary support to help people cope and deal with a wide range of crises, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks and domestic or community violence. More

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