Dredge Mate

POSTED ON 1/13/2023 CLOSED ON 1/14/2023

Job Posting for Dredge Mate at Pine Bluff Materials, Co.

Dredge Mate position on a dredge on the Ohio River with primary base of report in Ledbetter, KY. Must communicate and work well with tender boat crew on all shifts, dredge and dredge support crew, as well as maintenance and quality control personnel. Dredge Mate must have safe work experience and be familiar with recognizing and communicating hazards and hazardous conditions. Dredge Mate should be able and willing to perform general labor on board a dredge and tow boats that works on the Ohio River including; housekeeping on dredges, boats and barges, handle lines and cables to put boat and barges together as well as move dredge and service dredge needs including anchors, chipping and painting and any and all maintenance and support functions for dredge or barges. Position reporting is to Ledbetter, KY or an alternate location depending on Dredge location. Duty will be a rotating schedule with work both days and nights.

Basic Qualifications:

Must be willing and able to report to dredge and support vessel location of operations in Western Kentucky.

Ability and desire to work a rotating shift is required.

Ability to do manual labor including lifting items at least as heavy as 75 pounds is required.

Ability to climb ladders and stairs and perform repetitive bending and stooping is required.

Must possess ability to swim and be comfortable working over or adjacent to water.

Must have ability and desire to work during inclement conditions including extreme heat and cold

Must possess excellent communication skills and work well with all applicable entities involved in the process at all times.

Candidates must be dependable and consistent to report as scheduled.

Pine Bluff Materials is an Equal Opportunity Employer and
Takes Affirmative Action for Minorities/Female/Veterans and Disabilities

Please note: This employment position may be considered a Safety Sensitive Position related to the operation of equipment or working in proximity of operating equipment, working over or adjacent to water, working at a height, or a particular assignment regulated by license, credential, or contract which stipulates the position or work as Safety Sensitive.

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