Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. is a national organizing firm specializing in designing and implementing innovative and data-driven face-to-face canvassing and field campaigns for progressive groups, candidates, and charitable organizations. Grassroots Campaigns brings together an experienced team of organizers and campaign professionals to provide the progressive community with grassroots fundraising and organizing strategies that can help build a powerful and winning progressive majority in America. For more than a decade, Grassroots Campaigns has been on the front lines of making social change.

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The first three years of Trump’s presidency have already caused untold damage.. He has relentlessly attacked the rights of immigrants and refugees, undone progress on LGBTQ equality, and dangerously undermined reproductive rights and abortion access. Through executive actions, stacking courts with conservative judges, and inspiring the worst in lawmakers across the country, his first term has already had disastrous consequences. This year, we have to stop him. In 2020 we can right the course of history by building a groundswell of public support for organizations that will advance progressive ... view job details

Accelerating climate change is the most urgent and essential threat to our planet’s future, and yet corporate decision-makers have been catastrophically slow to act.. The food industry is a major climate culprit. Meat and other livestock products we eat are responsible for nearly 15 percent of global climate change emissions. In fact, meat is responsible for. as much climate pollution as. all. transportation worldwide. A handful of enormous food businesses make up the majority of demand for these climate-wrecking products. These food service businesses generate a large portion of their profits... view job details