3D Designer/Visualizer Salary in Texas

How much does a 3D Designer/Visualizer earn in Texas

As of April 24, 2024, a 3D Designer/Visualizer in Texas earns an average salary of $76,375 per year.
A 3D Designer/Visualizer's salary in Texas can be paid hourly, weekly or monthly depending on the company and job type. Most part-time jobs will be paid hourly or weekly. Using the salary calculator, the average pay comes out to be about $37 an hour or $1,469/week or $6,365/month.
The average salary of a 3D Designer/Visualizer ranges from $67,840 to $85,877. The average salary range for a 3D Designer/Visualizer varies widely, which indicates that there are many opportunities for advancement, promotions, and salary increases. These opportunities depend on many factors, including skills, education, certifications, location, and years of experience.
Texas is ranked 25th out of 51 states nationwide for 3D Designer/Visualizer salaries. Salary.com helps you determine your exact pay target by estimating the most accurate annual salary range for 3D Designer/Visualizer jobs, with more online, real-time compensation data than any other website.

What is the Average 3D Designer/Visualizer Salary by City in Texas?

Below is a list of the average salaries for a 3D Designer/Visualizer in 10 cities in Texas. We've identified 247 cities where the typical salary for a 3D Designer/Visualizer job is above the average in Texas. The top-paid city for 3D Designer/Visualizer is Bellaire and the average salary for a 3D Designer/Visualizer job is earned $78,247 which is higher than the average in Texas.
This is followed by Houston and Galena Park in second and third places, which beat the average in Texas by $1,872(2.45%) and $1,794(2.35%) respectively. In fourth place is Alief with a salary of $78,169, which is higher than the Texas average salary. South Houston and Stafford continue the rankings.
Based on the summary of average salaries paid by cities in Texas, the 3D Designer/Visualizer job market in Bellaire is relatively active with a higher salary paid to compare to other cities in Texas.
Finally, 3D Designer/Visualizer jobs pay differently by city, even if they are in Texas. The cost of living might be a key factor when considering the location and salary of a 3D Designer/Visualizer position.
CITY Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Bellaire $78,247 $6,521 $1,505 $38
Houston $78,247 $6,521 $1,505 $38
Galena Park $78,169 $6,514 $1,503 $38
Alief $78,169 $6,514 $1,503 $38
South Houston $78,091 $6,508 $1,502 $38
Stafford $78,091 $6,508 $1,502 $38
Missouri City $78,013 $6,501 $1,500 $38
North Houston $78,013 $6,501 $1,500 $38
Fresno $77,935 $6,495 $1,499 $37
Pasadena $77,935 $6,495 $1,499 $37

What Similar Jobs are Paid to 3D Designer/Visualizer in Texas?

There are 11 jobs that we find are related to the 3D Designer/Visualizer job category,these similar jobs include 3D Modeler,3D Artist,3d Animator,3d Designer,3d Drafter,3d Renderer,3d Engineer,3d Sculptor,3d Developer,3D Generalist,and 3D Technician.
All of these 11 jobs are paid between $36,906 to $99,276, and the 3d Developer gets the highest paid with $99,276 from them. Those similar job salaries are paid differently by many factors such as company size, department base, responsibility, and others. If you're qualified to be hired for one of these similar jobs to the 3D Designer/Visualizer, you could refer to the below list of job salaries based on market prices in Texas.
JOB TITLE Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
3D Modeler $69,008 $5,751 $1,327 $33
3D Artist $85,453 $7,121 $1,643 $41
3d Animator $91,797 $7,650 $1,765 $44
3d Designer $90,894 $7,575 $1,748 $44
3d Drafter $93,006 $7,750 $1,789 $45
3d Renderer $61,329 $5,111 $1,179 $29
3d Engineer $80,372 $6,698 $1,546 $39
3d Sculptor $59,952 $4,996 $1,153 $29
3d Developer $99,276 $8,273 $1,909 $48
3D Generalist $96,288 $8,024 $1,852 $46
3D Technician $36,906 $3,075 $710 $18