What Is the List of Values an Employer Is Looking For?

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Knowing the answers to "What Are My Core Values" is essential for job hunt. Here is a discussion of a list of values you should possess that an employer seeks.


West Chester, PA

A Promoters in West Chester, PA discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

I would advise you to think of your life's purpose as a combination of your core values and why you have chosen your chosen work. By first, understanding your list of values gives both direction and meaning to your job hunt.

I am the founder of an IT company. I would say I highly value employees who are well rounded. Some of the list of values I appreciate if my employees have: good work ethics, is passionate, is punctual, and have leadership qualities.

As an employer, seeing these qualities in my employees brings me to trust and believe in contributing significantly to the company's overall performance.

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11/26/2020 , West Chester, PA


San Antonio, TX

A Gravedigger in San Antonio, TX discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

Everyone's life has different personal values. It can mean anything from "I need to make some money right now" to "I'm going to be the CEO of a company in the next 20 years". Do not get confused between setting long-term purposes and unobtainable ones. You need to come to terms that you will work on an achievable list of values.

Then again, every employer will have diverse needs and wants. Just be the best version of yourself and have a list of values that employers would love to see.

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11/24/2020 , San Antonio, TX

Disc Jockey

Wichita Falls, TX

A Disc Jockey in Wichita Falls, TX discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

Prioritizing your list of values is necessary and straightforward. It is like putting a set of books in alphabetical order, by title or by author. You want to have a good, clear picture of your most important core value and present it to your employer.

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11/20/2020 , Wichita Falls, TX


Chicopee, MA

An Organist in Chicopee, MA discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

Back in the day, I've always asked myself this question: "What Are My Core Values?". It took me a great deal of time to figure out. I've even got my own procedure in coming up with a list of values to help me understand myself better so I can land on the right job.

Here is how you can do so:

1. Go online and look for a values list

2. Pick the most critical core values that you possess

3. Put it on the top of the list

4. Pick the 2nd most important item

5. Put it on the 2nd row beneath your first value

6. Move on to the next list of values but limit up to 5

7. Review your prioritization list periodically

8. Revise the plan whenever you feel the need to

I hope these steps can help create a list of values that will get you the next job!

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11/13/2020 , Chicopee, MA

Martial Arts Instructor

Portsmouth, VA

A Martial Arts Instructor in Portsmouth, VA discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

I've been hiring and coaching for the past decade. After all these years, I've come down to certain behaviors and a list of employee values. Here's my top 5 list of values I wish to see job seekers:

1. Professional in handling their job

2. Always eager to learn new stuffs

3. Effective communicator

4. Responsible in jobs they are tasked

5. Never stop learning

More than anything else, he or she has to have the right attitude at work. If this personal value isn't present, they will have a tough time progressing in their career.

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11/4/2020 , Portsmouth, VA

Coffee Roaster

Petersburg, VA

A Coffee Roaster in Petersburg, VA discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

Over the years, I learned that everybody has different values. When applying for a job, remember that your values need to use as much too. There isn't any list of values that are bad, but some will feel more familiar and motivating to you than others.

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10/22/2020 , Petersburg, VA

Swift Developer

Chula Vista, CA

A Swift Developer in Chula Vista, CA discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

Because we are all different in our ways, our list of values will differ too. At this stage in my professional career, the core values of my staff that I value include:

1. Action-oriented – Some would regard this value as self-starters, motivators

2. Value-driven – An employee who never hesitates to add value to my organization

3. Trusted – Or loyalty. No employer wishes to deal with employees who are backstabbers

4. Adaptability – There are bound to be changed every now and then, an employee should be able to withstand the obstacles they face and thrive

5. Problem Solver – This is a mark of an independent employee. Any employer would be lucky to have hired someone of this caliber.

I hope the list of values from my perspective is helpful so you can understand what employers are looking for!

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10/20/2020 , Chula Vista, CA


Tampa, FL

A Solicitor in Tampa, FL discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

The list of values that an employer looks for is never-ending. There's no such thing as a perfect candidate, and I never expected perfection when I hire. You just have to be the best version of yourself and nail the interview when the time comes.

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10/11/2020 , Tampa, FL

Project Lead

El Paso, TX

A Project Lead in El Paso, TX discussed the topic of Personal Core Values about one year ago.

In my opinion, integrity or honesty are the core values that can differentiate between a right candidate and a stellar candidate. The first red flag of concern often occurs during an interview. If they lie about their work experiences, education, or any element on their resume, they have failed to gain my trust towards them.

Besides, employees with integrity tend to have a splendid work ethic and work just as hard without needing much observation. They can always be trusted to do their best. When an employee does not share the same integrity with the list of values that a company has, it can leave a wrong impression on clients and co-workers.

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9/28/2020 , El Paso, TX