How Do You Overcome a Job Search Depression?

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Today's discussion revolves around managing your job search depression. Let's look at how you can overcome it to not fall victim to such negative feelings.

Senior Data Control Clerk

Modesto, CA

A Senior Data Control Clerk in Modesto, CA discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

There is one thing that you can expect from job hunting: feeling overwhelmed. It happens whenever I've searched for an extended period but to no avail. Or every time I don't hear back from my potential employer, I feel a sense of defeat.

Some experiences may not be pleasant but staying positive is crucial to a job hunt. Overcoming a job search anxiety is not going to be easy. But I did so by starting a new hobby, which is gardening, while I also actively look for jobs.

Little did I know gardening made me happy. It slowly but steadily cured my job search depression. If you are in the same situation as I did, it's time you pick up a new hobby!

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11/8/2020 , Modesto, CA

Senior LAN Support

Lancaster, PA

A Senior LAN Support in Lancaster, PA discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

Finding your next job is often a slow and steady race. You will have to endure all the stages until you get a job. It's easy to fall into a state of job search depression if you're not careful. But as challenging as it may seem right now, it is crucial that you chin up and continue moving forward.

Trust that you will get through this.

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11/7/2020 , Lancaster, PA

Digital Merchandising Manager

Elyria, OH

A Digital Merchandising Manager in Elyria, OH discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

Feeling hopeless about job search?

I have a method that I use on days when job search anxiety hits me. It's known as the RAIN method. It is a mindfulness practice that brings calm to your difficult emotions.

Recognize - Learning to recognize that you have strong emotions

Accept - Accept the emotions inside of you

Investigate - Dive deeper into your emotions

Non-Identification - Understand your thoughts and emotion aren't a reflection of you

Breathe ā€“ Breathe and stay centered while you conquer your emotions.

I hope these simple yet powerful methods serve as a solution to your job search depression.

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10/29/2020 , Elyria, OH

Web Art Director

Mobile, AL

A Web Art Director in Mobile, AL discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

Job search anxiety is real, especially when you've been interviewed countless times but never got hired. Allow me to share one crucial mindset that I'll cultivate to make me feel better about job hunting.

At the end of all these, never blame yourself for coming up short. Life always presents you with challenges, and job searching is one of them. How you think of yourself determines how you will meet such challenges. Job search depression should not never be the reason for you to give up in life.

If you tear yourself down from the start, you make it harder for you to rise up to your expectations. Remember, as hard as it may seem right now, this too shall pass.

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10/21/2020 , Mobile, AL

Network Systems Director

Kalispell, MT

A Network Systems Director in Kalispell, MT discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

"I can't find a job and I'm depressed."

I uttered these exact words early this year after several attempts of unsuccessful job hunts. Here are what I've done to overcome the feeling of anxiety.

Do something. Anything. Even if it is unpaid, volunteer work.

Going out and doing something will stop you from getting a job search depression. Surprisingly, you will feel better about yourself when you've helped someone, cleaned something, or built something.

Get out of bed early, get dressed, get a cup of coffee, and meet some new people while exploring your new path. Every opportunity to network is a golden opportunity. You can still go on interviews and search for job opportunities.

It might take some time but trust me, once you've done all the above, your job search anxiety will start to disappear.

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10/9/2020 , Kalispell, MT

IT Operations Supervisor

Rochester, MN

An IT Operations Supervisor in Rochester, MN discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

Some days, it can feel challenging to stay confident when you are feeling hopeless about job search.

But you must keep going and do so with the right attitude. Not everyone will help you out, but the right ones will. In my opinion, the way out of job search depression is by asking and talking to those that truly support you. It is your only way out.

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9/28/2020 , Rochester, MN

Dev Manager

Oak Park, IL

A Dev Manager in Oak Park, IL discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

It's been three months, and I've yet to secure myself a job. Job search depression is deeply demotivating to people who struggle with it. But I take solace in the fact that many others have and are currently working on this.

Firstly, you shouldn't see yourself as a failure. What you can do is to reach out to those around you that can give you empathy and support during these challenging times. Keep trying and do some other things that bring you joy while you fight off the guilt of job search anxiety.

Most of all, do NOT give up. I know it is an uphill battle but let's wish for the best to continue our job hunts.

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9/23/2020 , Oak Park, IL

InfoSec Director

Battle Creek, MI

An InfoSec Director in Battle Creek, MI discussed the topic of Job Search Depression about one year ago.

Job search anxiety is a valid feeling you must accept. Not hearing back from the organizations you're meeting with can be one of the biggest frustrations in life.

It gets discouraging when it happens again and again. But here are some of the things I'd do to reboot such feelings and set myself better to find the next position.

1. Start a new hobby

Have you always wanted to try baking? Now is the time to do so. Because anything that takes your mind off your job search depression is a healthy use of time.

2. Practice self-care

Make sure to have proper sleeping hours. At the same time, eat a well-balanced diet and exercise to keep yourself in shape.

3. Use aromatherapy

Diffusers have been of great help to me. It soothed my mind and helped to pull myself out of depression.

4. Take up mediation

I made it a habit to do deep breathing exercises as soon as I wake up each day. Try this while closing your eyes; it can really clear your mind away from those unwanted thoughts.

5. Listen to music

This is one of my favorite things to do. I personally find jazz and classical music relaxing. Try to stay away from songs that are sad-sounding or have unhappy lyrics attached to them.

6. Reach out to people

Tell your close ones how you are feeling and let them know if you need any help. These support systems will probably do what they can to help you through job search depression.

7. Talk to a therapist

If all else fails, take time off and rant to someone professional. These therapists can give you great advice and have personalized ways to teach you how to cope with job search anxiety.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Best of luck to you!

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9/22/2020 , Battle Creek, MI