How Knowing Well your Interests Can Help in Job Hunting

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"What are my interests?" Have you ever thought of it before you began job hunting? Today's discussion will show you why interests can guide you in job hunts.

Recipe Tester

Portsmouth, NH

A Recipe Tester in Portsmouth, NH discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

It is good to have a list of the things that interest you as part of your knowing who you are and what is important to you. A self-assessment of interests is identifying what are my interests. I will figure out if I like to build things, or do I enjoy playing the instruments?

Finding out what are my interests helps me focus on what keeps me engaged. When it comes to working, it serves as an essential element of work satisfaction.

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11/18/2020 , Portsmouth, NH

Offshore Cook

Johnstown, PA

An Offshore Cook in Johnstown, PA discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

"What are my interests?" is a question you should be asking yourself if you haven't already done so. Knowing what are my interests reflects stable preferences for specific work activities and work environments.

I didn't believe it matters much when I first started working. I choose a job that paid me well, but it wasn't something I enjoyed doing. Things didn't work out for long because I wasn't happy at work. Then I realized that aligning my work environment with my interests is the way to increase satisfaction at work and enhance my potential for achieving career success.

I quickly changed my job and aligned my career with my passion. Since I enjoy listening to others and giving motivation and advice, I switched careers from being a marketing manager to a psychiatrist. I've never looked back since then.

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11/16/2020 , Johnstown, PA

Home Attendant

Aberdeen, SD

A Home Attendant in Aberdeen, SD discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

I always believe understanding what are my interests and values translates into greater self-confidence. Over the years, I learned that it's essential to articulate what you like and pursue it.

On the other hand, you should also know what you do not like and stay away from it. Here is my bit of advice. "You may not like some things you have to do in your job, but if you go to work at 51% of the time, you're liking what you're doing".

Good luck with your career!

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11/11/2020 , Aberdeen, SD

Private Tutor

Champaign, IL

A Private Tutor in Champaign, IL discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

"Money comes first before interests." That was what I thought three years into the workforce. But later, I was proven wrong because at the end of the day, I knew that knowing what are my interests allows me to be:

1. More dedicated

2. Learning better and faster

3. Getting higher chances of success

4. Genuinely loving what I do

All these are the driving factor for motivation and happiness in my life. Knowing what are my interests is one of the crucial parts when choosing a career. When I love what I do, I always put 200% effort into it. This then directly enhances my self-confidence.

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11/5/2020 , Champaign, IL

Senior Helpers

Billings, MT

A Senior Helpers in Billings, MT discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

Most of us can barely answer the question of "What are my interests" when questioned. This is because most of us work for the sake of money. Not sure if you've realized this: Most successful people are the ones who have passion for what they do and always work in their area of interest.

As a recruitment consultant, I always tell candidates to choose a job based on their work interests. Such jobs will give them heartful satisfaction. Money is essential, don't get me wrong. But assuming that you will not struggle financially for the rest of your life, get a job you love.

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10/23/2020 , Billings, MT

Pharmacy Intern

Anchorage, AK

A Pharmacy Intern in Anchorage, AK discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

I have a story to tell why "what interests me" is more important than "what pays me well."

I was forced by my parents to pursue accounting in college, a subject which I never liked. Long story short, I managed to grab a position in the financial industry. I was even making over $150,000 a year. But do you realize the downside to it?

Working in the financial industry was too stressful, and it's a job with extended work hours. In my second year of working as a sales consultant, I started getting panic attacks. I was always sweating, and I didn't have the appetite to eat like an average person.

Of course, I was earning the salary of my dreams. I was buying clothes and makeup products that made me happy. Better still, I was traveling around the world and splurging on expensive stuff. But every time I got back to work; I would feel reluctant. I began to realize that money wasn't making me happy.

I finally quit my job and left the industry. As of now, I am a teacher. I make sure I understand what are my interests and pursue it whole-heartedly. Ever since then, I've never experienced panic attacks, and I've also been sleeping well. My two cents to you are that you're never getting ahead in life if you work for a job that you dislike.

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10/14/2020 , Anchorage, AK


Waltham, MA

A Budtender in Waltham, MA discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

In my humble opinion, knowing what are my interests and pursuing a career I enjoy is the right choice to take up. At least I will enjoy waking up to work!

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10/10/2020 , Waltham, MA

Skip Tracer

Paramus, NJ

A Skip Tracer in Paramus, NJ discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

I would choose a well-aligned job with my interests and morals because it gives me satisfaction and happiness over jobs that pay more but doesn't interest me.

When I realized that interests play a more critical role in life than a high salaried job, I was highly satisfied with my overall life aspects. Because when one loves a job, then one never goes to work because the work one loves is never a chore.

Make sure you get to know yourself early on in life, so you make the right choices and get the dream job you've always wanted. If you're hating your job now, get back to the basics of "knowing what are my interests."


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10/6/2020 , Paramus, NJ

Parent Aide

Coconut Creek, FL

A Parent Aide in Coconut Creek, FL discussed the topic of Work Interests about one year ago.

I have personally worked in a job that pays me well, but I wasn't really interested. I have also worked in a position that paid me an average salary, but it's one that I really enjoyed.

Comparing the two situations, I have one advice that I hold close to my heart:

"Know what are my interests and start with what makes me happy."

Well, what happens when you choose to stay in a job you never really liked?

1. You will lack happiness and motivation in your workplace

2. You will not enjoy your work, which makes you an inefficient employee

3. You will never get ahead in your professional career

4. It will affect your personal life as well

Choosing a job that contains your work interests proves to be beneficial eventually. Most of the time, you'll be happier, and your performance will be more sustainable.

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9/24/2020 , Coconut Creek, FL