Average Salary for Jobs with Commercial Law Skills

The average salary for jobs that require the skills of Commercial Law is $286,801 based on United States National Average.

Base Salary

Core compensation

Legal Services Director
Alternate Job Titles: Legal Affairs Director | Legal Group Director

Oversees the activities of the organization's legal department. Provides legal advice, interpretation, and guidance to senior management and officers regarding contracts, state/federal regulatory requirements, intellectual property or trademark protection, and other business matters. Reviews all information and prepares defense for any legal actions against the organization or advises on prosecuti... View job details

Top Division Legal Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Division Legal Executive | Chief Division Legal Officer | Deputy General Counsel | Division Vice President - Legal

Plans and directs all aspects of a division's legal affairs and ensures maximum protection of its legal rights. Leads the defense of the division in lawsuits and the prosecution of lawsuits on behalf of the division against others. Uses broad range of legal expertise and current knowledge to advise management on any regulatory changes or actions that may impact the business. Oversees the preparati... View job details

Top Legal Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Legal Executive | Chief Legal Officer | General Counsel | Global Vice President of Legal Affairs

Plans and directs all aspects of an organization's legal affairs and ensures all business policies and activities are managed correctly and in compliance with current laws. Reviews changes to law and regulations and advises management about any impact to the business. Provides guidance and counsel to management on business transactions and initiatives. Leads the defense of the organization in laws... View job details