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Announcing: Smarter Job Description Management

COLLABORATION AND ALIGNMENT : Hire right and perform better

Simplify the creation, collaboration, and approval process of job descriptions to help ensure that the best individuals with the right background and skill-sets are matched to the appropriate roles within the organization

Hassle-free creation

Easily build new job descriptions with the thousands of benchmark jobs, competencies, and content layouts in our library.

Seamless collaboration

Enable stakeholder participation in the job description management process with integrated collaboration and editing tools.

Streamlined analysis

Quickly compare similar job content, evaluate changes, and explore how jobs in your organization have changed over time.

Build a strong foundation for your organization:

With Job Architect, you can always keep your job description up-to-date and accurate for hiring and retaining key talent - optimizing your company performance.

Centralized view of your job descriptions

Manage all your job descriptions through one command center. Easily create, edit, approve, start a workflow - it's all in one place. Export job descriptions into Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

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Leverage a content library to create and edit

Build and standardize your job descriptions by leveraging a multi-faceted content library. Users can access CompAnalyst job summaries or search across local job postings to write descriptions with ease. Users can also pull content from their existing job descriptions to create consistency across roles. CompAnalyst Enterprise users can access job descriptions from their survey library as well.

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Collaborate and establish workflows

Get feedback from users and non-users, export and share in your company's formats, and allow access to approved job descriptions for anyone at the company.

Create and edit workflows to streamline the editing and approval process. Build formal (predefined) workflows where specific job descriptions are assigned to pre-approved reviewers, or you can build informal workflows for on-the-fly job description reviews.

Alerts and Notifications

Get in-product alerts on job description status, as well as email notifications - one click access so you can get right to where you need to be to complete the next step.

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Compare job description history

Compare previous job description iterations to one another to see what's changed in your workflow. View and understand why job traits were edited between current and prior versions of your job descriptions. Administrators can even see changes between reviewers to best manage the description review process.

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Configurable job description and export templates

Leverage your company's job description templates with existing fields, formats, fonts, and branding.

Utilize approved job descriptions for market pricing

Publish elements or full job descriptions for use in all areas of CompAnalyst, including market pricing or salary structures.

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