Why is Having a Job Search Plan So Important?

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Having a thorough job search plan will keep you on track. This discussion talks about how you can organize your search to make the most out of your day.

Office Associate

Poughkeepsie, NY

An Office Associate in Poughkeepsie, NY discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

If you have been working full-time, the possibility of sticking to a routine each day is high. I still remember the first time when I was out of work. I always find myself asking, "What should I do today?"

I realized I was missing the sense of order I had in my workplace. To overcome this feeling, I added a job search plan routine. If know if all I do is wait, those slow responses and rejections will catch up on me. So, the only way to stay productive is to have a plan and get back on track.

But before you blindly jump right into planning one, there are three things you should work out. Knowing what you want to do, who you are, and what you can do. Once you have them figured out, you can arrange your job search plan more efficiently.

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11/5/2020 , Poughkeepsie, NY

Operations Team Coordinator

Rehoboth Beach, DE

An Operations Team Coordinator in Rehoboth Beach, DE discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

No matter how eager you are in finding your next job, you will save tons of time and regrets if you first spend a little time on job plans. A good job search plan landed me a new job faster than not having one.

Your "plan" is creating lists you will need to get your job search started. Most of the planning I've done involves doing research, improvements, and preparations. I usually start off getting all the documents needed in the job hunt, such as a resume or cover letters.

Then, I'd do plenty of research in terms of the job, market, companies, and valuable contacts. When done well, you should be on your way to securing many interviews.

All the best, and go work on your job plans right away!

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11/3/2020 , Rehoboth Beach, DE

Ops Manager

Carmel, IN

An Ops Manager in Carmel, IN discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This phrase rings true when it comes to job hunting because, without a proper job search plan, you're looking at failing your next job opportunity.

Well, a job search plan means having a list of job search responsibilities in each period of the day. There are many things I do to give structure to my job search. But the very first thing I'd do is a self-assessment to myself. This is to confirm that I can describe my core competencies and interest.

So, if you are thinking of changing careers, you must go back to the basics. Know who you are and map out a transition strategy in your job search plan. Everything else comes right after that.

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10/26/2020 , Carmel, IN

Outpatient Therapist

Dover, NH

An Outpatient Therapist in Dover, NH discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

I've changed jobs five times over the past ten years. So, I thought I'd share some essential points on some activities that I'd do before preparing a thorough job search plan.

1. Optimize your resume and cover letters

Resumes and cover letters are the most crucial document for job hunting. During my early days, I've had times where my cover letters weren't well thought out. I had grammatical errors and a resume full of flaws. All these are the result of an unprepared search plan.

2. Set schedules when sending applications

I had the experience of blindly applying to different job openings on a 2-hour streak. Not only was it tiring, but I had days where I wrongly sent emails or applications. I also learned that sending hundreds of applications in one go does not guarantee that you'll score a job.

You could send your applications to hundreds of companies, but if you don't come up with a well thought out job search plan, your job hunt is bound to fail. Always remember that hiring managers are always looking out for good qualities!

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10/20/2020 , Dover, NH

Paid Media Specialist

Waco, TX

A Paid Media Specialist in Waco, TX discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

As a fellow job seeker during these tough times, allow me to share my job search plan's details. Everyone has different ways of planning, so here's mine!

1. Have a clear vision of the exact type of job that you want.

2. Prepare your best version of resume and cover letter

3. Seek out jobs in multiple job portals to increase your reach

4. Network, network, and network to get closer to the job

5. Keep your spirits up!

It is going to be very taxing hunting for jobs but don't ever give up! If you ever feel discouraged, dust yourself off and put in more hard work than ever.

Most importantly, get truly clear of what you want to include in your job search plan and execute them without hesitation.

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10/10/2020 , Waco, TX

Junior Business Analyst

Farmington, NM

A Junior Business Analyst in Farmington, NM discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

I've been job hunting for a month now. Fortunately for me, I learned much earlier that a job search plan is essential. With my plan in place, I've secured a few interviews next week. So, I thought I'd share how I structured my job-searching activities' everyday routine.

Know that you will be making changes in your job search plan to accommodate your job's needs. I squeezed in some time and included these activities in hour-long slots over the day.

1. Successful 50-minute sections – I reward myself with a break once I completed each section

2. Have quantitative goals – I count the things I did and tick them off. This gives evidence of progress that I can show myself

3. Time allocation – I have an actionable plan that will get me hired by dedicating the right time

4. Tracking – I track and focus on my tasks so I can make each day as impactful as possible

5. Reporting – I have summary-level statistics that I can share with others

As you can see, job hunting consists of a full-day routine. Having good job plans ensures that I am on a practical and fruitful mission.

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9/30/2020 , Farmington, NM

Junior Engineer Program Manager

Springfield, MA

A Junior Engineer Program Manager in Springfield, MA discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

My job search plan is simple as it consists of only 3 steps: Seeking clarity about myself, getting myself job-ready, start applying, and modify if needed.

To me, personally, having thorough plans helped me to:

1. Stay sane

2. See constant progress as you work

3. Have less time for negativity

4. Lay a foundation for positivity

5. Buoy mental alertness

6. Improve creativity

7. Increase your energy

Whether you are a few weeks or a few months in, the key to success is dedication and repetition. Like how the shampoo commercial teaches us: Rinse, Lather, Repeat. In executing a job search plan, it is: Target, Apply, Customize, Repeat.

Good luck to you!

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9/25/2020 , Springfield, MA

Labor Assistant

Elkhart, IN

A Labor Assistant in Elkhart, IN discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

To land your next job, set up a job search plan routine that you are accountable for. I did have some failing experiences displaying the less efficient aspects of my job hunt in the past. My biggest lesson to date is to be patient and work hard on your resume.

Most of us think that applying for a job with a resume that was done in 5 minutes will suffice. This is wrong in many ways. I was always in a rush to secure a job and tried to take advantage of every chance I could get. At the end of the day, I spent more time applying than anyone but achieved nothing.

Take my advice: In your job search plan, spend time on your resume, and improve your online presence to impress the hiring manager. Pay attention to what the company needs or what the job requirements are and work towards it. Then, your chance of getting hired will be much higher.

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9/16/2020 , Elkhart, IN

Lead Analyst, Marketing Analytics

Owensboro, KY

A Lead Analyst, Marketing Analytics in Owensboro, KY discussed the topic of Job Search Plan about one year ago.

Job hunting can be one of the most challenging and draining projects one can ever undertake. If you're just starting out, save yourself from this land of frustration: have a job search plan.

There are three main steps I take to ensure I am making the most out of my limited time:

1. Know my strengths and accomplishments

I know I only have one shot at getting on HR's radar, and I don't want to lose that opportunity. Aim to answer: who are you, what skills and experiences do you have, and what are you looking forward to next.

2. Target the company, not job postings

Most of us would jump straight to job portals and hunt for job openings. I learned to focus on companies instead. This approach allowed me to get my foot right on the door of the companies I wish to work for.

3. Have a plan

When you work on a project, you require project planning activities. Think of your job search as a project; you need a job search plan. Allocate time to plan your job searching activities such as working on important documents, networking, or applying for jobs.

If you take time off to organize your job plans, you're on your way to a more strategic and practical job hunt. Best wishes to those of you on your next career move!

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9/8/2020 , Owensboro, KY