How Much Does an Imaging Tech Make?

Updated May 25, 2023

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Low Confidence
Average Base Pay
Low $35,794
Average $40,194
High $44,966
The average salary for Imaging Tech is $40,194 per year in the United States.

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Document Imaging Tech
Per Year
Medical Imaging Tech
Per Year
Imaging Tech Aide
Per Year
Imaging Tech Assistant
Per Year

Similar Job Salaries to Imaging Tech by Company

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Company average base salary in (usd) range
RANGE: $37,597 - $46,324
RANGE: $62,307 - $86,240
Welia Health
Imaging Tech
RANGE: $55,269 - $74,083
aFit Staffing Inc.
Imaging Tech
RANGE: $65,241 - $95,683
Valley Health
Imaging Tech
RANGE: $58,063 - $79,416
Imaging Tech
RANGE: $51,801 - $92,696
Watertown Regional Medical Center
Imaging Tech PRN Imaging Services
RANGE: $64,507 - $82,272
Summit Healthcare Association
Imaging Tech Assistant - Diagnostic Imaging
RANGE: $53,686 - $68,073
Memorial Medical Center
Imaging Tech PRN Imaging Services
RANGE: $72,252 - $90,113

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What Does an Imaging Tech Do?

Medical Imaging Technology students with an interest and aptitude in computer science have a unique opportunity at Oregon Tech to earn a specialization in.
Updated December 18, 2021
Digital Imaging FX VFX supervisor Tanvir Hanif has spoken to Broadcast Tech about the work that went into the latest series of the Sky comedy.
Updated December 01, 2021
Artificial intelligence is helping to improve numerous aspects of the healthcare industry and medical imaging tech is one of the fields that has benefited greatly.
Updated November 30, 2021
DeepMind believes that its AI assistant for this medical imaging tech can tackle these issues by automatically identifying disease symptoms within seconds and has been designed to prioritise patients who need urgent care.
Updated November 24, 2021
) ("Arbe"), a global leader in next-generation 4D Imaging Radar Solutions, today announces that their 4D Imaging Radar Technology wins the Informa Tech Automotive Awards for ADAS & Autonomous Product/Service of the Year.
Updated November 05, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About an Imaging Tech Salaries

What is the average of an Imaging Tech in the United States?

The Imaging Tech salary range is from $35,794 to $44,966, and the average Imaging Tech salary is $40,194/year in the United States. The Imaging Tech's salary will change in different locations.

Which location pays the highest Imaging Tech salary in the United States?

The Imaging Tech salary in San Jose, CA is $50,443 which is the highest in the US.

What kinds of reasons will influence the Imaging Tech's salary?

Besides the location, employees' education degree, related skills, and work experience also will influence the salary. Try to improve your skills and experience to get a higher salary for the position of Imaging Tech.

What is the growth rate of the Imaging Tech's salary?

If you are thinking of becoming an Imaging Tech or planning the next step in your career, find the detailed salary report of an Imaging Tech.

Recent Salary Report

Below are the most recent Imaging Tech salary reports. Employer name has been removed to protect anonymity.

$18 Hourly
An Imaging Tech in Huntington, WV reported making $18 per hour
Huntington, WV
7,6 - 15,000 employees
Company - Public
$43,657 Yearly
An Imaging Tech in Cary, NC reported making $43,657 per year
Cary, NC
200 - 6 employees
Company - Private
$44,504 Yearly
An Imaging Tech in Detroit, MI reported making $44,504 per year
Detroit, MI
100 - 200 employees
Company - Private
$33,899 Yearly
An Imaging Tech in Colchester, VT reported making $33,899 per year
Colchester, VT
6 - 1,000 employees
Company - Private
$22 Hourly
An Imaging Tech in Minot, ND reported making $22 per hour
Minot, ND
3,000 - 7,6 employees
Company - Public
$3,548 Monthly
An Imaging Tech in Eugene, OR reported making $3,548 per month
Eugene, OR
1,000 - 3,000 employees
Company - Public