How Much Does an Accelerator Operator Make?

Updated March 26, 2024

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Low Confidence
Average Base Pay
Low $40,872
Average $46,370
High $52,436
The average salary for Accelerator Operator is $46,370 per year in the United States.

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Similar Job Salaries to Accelerator Operator by Company

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Company average base salary in (usd) range
Orion Talent
Accelerator operator
RANGE: $39,107 - $50,249
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Accelerator Operator
RANGE: $127,944 - $157,911
NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes
Accelerator Operator
RANGE: $41,099 - $53,027
Jefferson Lab
Accelerator Operator
RANGE: $76,081 - $101,799
One Workplace
SMB Accelerator
RANGE: $116,258 - $169,840
Accelerator Lead
RANGE: $126,029 - $161,891
Accelerator Technologist
RANGE: $45,211 - $60,958
Accelerator Verification
RANGE: $71,442 - $91,035

What Does an Accelerator Operator Do?

Operators use the data to judge how well the accelerator is delivering beams to the scientists’ experiments.
Updated December 17, 2021
Accelerator Operators supervise or operate complex particle accelerator devices and associated equipment; make experimental setups as required; record and analyze experimental data; and perform other related duties as required.
Updated December 13, 2021
By combining RDK and the Video Accelerator program with AminoOS, we have produced a packaged solution that allows much smaller operators to take advantage of the community’s investment in RDK without significant upfront integration.
Updated December 12, 2021
By this time they are very efficient Accelerator Operators and are able to identify potential accelerator problems.
Updated December 11, 2021
Under supervision, Accelerator Operators assist in the operation of particle accelerator devices; and provide technical assistance in debugging and trouble shooting complex research apparatus.
Updated December 08, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About an Accelerator Operator Salaries

What is the average of an Accelerator Operator in the United States?

The Accelerator Operator salary range is from $40,872 to $52,436, and the average Accelerator Operator salary is $46,370/year in the United States. The Accelerator Operator's salary will change in different locations.

Which location pays the highest Accelerator Operator salary in the United States?

The Accelerator Operator salary in San Jose, CA is $58,194 which is the highest in the US.

What kinds of reasons will influence the Accelerator Operator's salary?

Besides the location, employees' education degree, related skills, and work experience also will influence the salary. Try to improve your skills and experience to get a higher salary for the position of Accelerator Operator.

What is the growth rate of the Accelerator Operator's salary?

If you are thinking of becoming an Accelerator Operator or planning the next step in your career, find the detailed salary report of an Accelerator Operator.

Recent Salary Report

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$51,554 Yearly
An Accelerator Operator in Chapel Hill, NC reported making $51,554 per year
Chapel Hill, NC
6 - 1,000 employees
Company - Private
$40,337 Yearly
An Accelerator Operator in Galveston, TX reported making $40,337 per year
Galveston, TX
200 - 6 employees
Company - Private
$41,177 Yearly
An Accelerator Operator in Goose Creek, SC reported making $41,177 per year
Goose Creek, SC
100 - 200 employees
Company - Private
$3,737 Monthly
An Accelerator Operator in Davenport, IA reported making $3,737 per month
Davenport, IA
1,000 - 3,000 employees
Company - Public
$26 Hourly
An Accelerator Operator in Plymouth, MA reported making $26 per hour
Plymouth, MA
7,6 - 15,000 employees
Company - Public
$21 Hourly
An Accelerator Operator in Dallas, TX reported making $21 per hour
Dallas, TX
3,000 - 7,6 employees
Company - Public