How Much Does a District Administrator Make?

Updated May 01, 2023

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Low Confidence
Average Base Pay
Low $44,398
Average $53,784
High $66,526
The average salary for District Administrator is $53,784 per year in the United States.

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Similar Job Salaries to District Administrator by Company

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Company average base salary in (usd) range
District Administrator
RANGE: $49,186 - $63,448
AWC Frac Technology
District Administrator
RANGE: $82,129 - $111,646
RANGE: $75,259 - $96,955
District Administrator
RANGE: $53,349 - $80,720
Pinal County
District Administrator
RANGE: $94,728 - $123,541
RANGE: $80,494 - $112,538
Alfa Insurance
District Administrator
RANGE: $44,217 - $63,690
Commonwealth of VA Careers
Assistant District Administrator Business
RANGE: $110,514 - $162,373
Sargent Rehabilitation Center
District Administrator of Instructional Programs
RANGE: $62,236 - $81,549
Greene County Tech School District
RANGE: $58,571 - $77,200

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What Does a District Administrator Do?

All district administrators, from college chancellors to K-12 superintendents and administrative staff, ultimately support student and teacher success, though they do so in varied ways.
Updated December 21, 2021
Administrators set instructional goals aligned with instructional needs and manage the curriculum, ensuring it adheres to district, state, and national requirements.
Updated December 15, 2021
A career as a district administrator lets professionals lead their communities forward by shaping educational policies that change lives.
Updated December 12, 2021
If you are thinking of becoming a District Administrator or planning the next step in your career, find details about.
Updated December 11, 2021
District administrators act as upper-level managers to oversee centralized functions such as special education, assessment, and finances.
Updated December 09, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About a District Administrator Salaries

What is the average of a District Administrator in the United States?

The District Administrator salary range is from $44,398 to $66,526, and the average District Administrator salary is $53,784/year in the United States. The District Administrator's salary will change in different locations.

Which location pays the highest District Administrator salary in the United States?

The District Administrator salary in San Jose, CA is $67,499 which is the highest in the US.

What kinds of reasons will influence the District Administrator's salary?

Besides the location, employees' education degree, related skills, and work experience also will influence the salary. Try to improve your skills and experience to get a higher salary for the position of District Administrator.

What is the growth rate of the District Administrator's salary?

If you are thinking of becoming a District Administrator or planning the next step in your career, find the detailed salary report of a District Administrator.

Recent Salary Report

Below are the most recent District Administrator salary reports. Employer name has been removed to protect anonymity.

$27 Hourly
A District Administrator in San Francisco, CA reported making $27 per hour
San Francisco, CA
3,000 - 7,6 employees
Company - Public
$47,999 Yearly
A District Administrator in Cary, NC reported making $47,999 per year
Cary, NC
100 - 200 employees
Company - Private
$3,838 Monthly
A District Administrator in Overland Park, KS reported making $3,838 per month
Overland Park, KS
1,000 - 3,000 employees
Company - Public
$37,333 Yearly
A District Administrator in Cedar Rapids, IA reported making $37,333 per year
Cedar Rapids, IA
200 - 6 employees
Company - Private
$37 Hourly
A District Administrator in Des Plaines, IL reported making $37 per hour
Des Plaines, IL
7,6 - 15,000 employees
Company - Public
$68,587 Yearly
A District Administrator in Sun Valley, NV reported making $68,587 per year
Sun Valley, NV
6 - 1,000 employees
Company - Private