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Physicians and Mid-Level Practitioners Compensation

Physicians and Mid-Level Practitioners Compensation

As healthcare reform continues to cause changes in the medical industry, ensure you're staying competitive and delivering the best care for your patients by attracting the most talented physicians and practitioners...


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Product Overview

As healthcare reform continues to cause changes in the medical industry, ensure you're staying competitive and delivering the best care for your patients by attracting the most talented physicians and practitioners. To view a sample of the report, click here. For the complete list of survey participants, click here. *We make participation easy for you. Call or chat with us to learn how.  Results of our accounting salary survey are updated quarterly to capture real, relative market movement. If you are a Salary.com customer, please call us. You may be eligible for a discount.
Compdata Physician & Mid-Level Practitioners allows access to: 520 Organizations, 546,399 Incumbents, 4,997 Participants, 114 Jobs, 302 Geographies, U.S. National Data.
Includes data from the following types of healthcare providers: Behavioral Healthcare, Critical Access Hospital, Home Care, Hospice, Hospital, Long-Term Care, Medical Group, Physicians Clinic, Rehabilitation, Specialty Hospitals/ASC, Urgent Care, Other Healthcare Facilities.
Scopes/Breakouts: FTEs, Gross Revenue, Net Revenue, Sector Status, Profit status, Industry Segment, Licensed Beds, Teaching Status.
Job Families: Mid-Levels, Physicians.
Industry specific information on: Contracted and Employed Physicians, Full-Time and Part-Time, Visiting/Independent Physicians, On-Call Rates, Bonus Factors, Continuing Education, Liability Insurance, Years in Position, Hours Worked, Patient Visits.

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