Turn Data into Insights with CompAnalyst

Turn Data into Insights with CompAnalyst Hero

How CompAnalyst transforms your compensation data into proactive insights to support the business strategies of your organization.

Extend the power of compensation data beyond the numbers. CompAnalyst's comprehensive reports, in-line alerts, and integrated analytics deliver proactive insights directly into the workflows you use most. Through a powerful integrated platform, CompAnalyst empowers your team to make smart comp decisions quickly and efficiently to better connect the impact of your team's initiatives on strategic business goals.

Download our product guide to learn how CompAnalyst:

  • Identifies turnover risks, delivers proactive insights, and forecasts the impact of different budget limitations on merit and annual salary increases
  • Enables you to design fully customizable data visualizations and presentation-ready reports that answer your organization’s toughest compensation questions
  • Proactively alerts you about your data, pricing, and job matching so you can quickly identify and address any disparities

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