Pay Equity Pulse Survey Report: Employer Perspective

Pay Equity Pulse Survey Report: Employer Perspective

Amid a heightened war for talent and a social reckoning around the ideals of equity and inclusion, surveyed 700+ U.S.-based human resources professionals on the topic of pay equity. Our goal was to determine if they’re feeling more pressure to achieve pay equity (answer: a resounding yes) and what steps they’re taking in the face of increased scrutiny around fair and transparent pay.

More than 90 percent of respondents agree that pay equity is a competitive advantage in the war for talent and the majority indicate they know what to pay their employees to stay competitive.

However, the survey reveals some major shortcomings when it comes to pay transparency. From the absence of a compensation philosophy that expresses transparency, to a lack of leadership support, HR professionals have some work to do in the coming months to achieve the transparency that goes hand-in-hand with pay equity. Until then, other issues will persist, including the inability of managers to explain to their employees how their pay is determined and a lack of wage range disclosures in job descriptions.

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