How to Win the War for Talent in Today’s Tight Labor Market

How to Win the War for Talent in Today’s Tight Labor Market

Winning the War on Talent

The war for talent is getting more intense with every passing day. It’s not just about finding the best people but also the right people with the right skill sets. With the high demand for talent, companies are looking to use a variety of strategies to attract and retain top talent. To learn more, check out our 20-minute webcast.

In this episode, Garry Straker, a senior compensation consultant at Salary.com, will discuss market changes, the challenges businesses face, and the strategies that help increase efficiency.

This webcast will cover the following topics:

  1. What factors are driving the war for talent?
  2. The challenges organizations are facing in attracting and recruiting talent during a tight labor market.
  3. Strategies you can use to win the war for talent.


The Factors Driving the War for Talent

In this webcast, Garry Straker reviews the factors contributing to the war for talent. He discusses what you can do to help differentiate your company to be successful in attracting and retaining talent. Is compensation the only means to differentiate your organization? Are your pay practices aligned with your company’s values? Does it really matter? Watch our webcast to find out.

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