Bridging the Gap in Healthcare IT: A Holy Spirit Health System Testimonial

by Salary Admin - September 20, 2018

A Job Evaluation 

As part of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in 2009, healthcare organizations across the country must begin using electronic health records by 2015. Holy Spirit Health System found itself facing increased pressure to recruit and retain the key IT staff needed in their Applications and Technical Services departments to bring them into compliance with the upcoming federal mandates. They realized the need to offer a competitive compensation plan, as well as provide employees with opportunities for advancement. As a result, they turned to Compdata Consulting to evaluate the department’s compensation structure and current administrative practices.

After consultations with Holy Spirit’s HR and IT departments, the consultants at Compdata Consulting discovered several key opportunities that would allow Holy Spirit to be more competitive in recruiting the staff they needed. These items included both internal and external competition for IT jobs, advanced qualifications required for employment and/or promotions within the department, and an increasing workload.

Compdata Consulting reviewed the company’s organizational charts, evaluated the job responsibilities of Holy Spirit’s IT jobs, and determined how the market compared to the pay structure within the department and for other IT jobs found throughout Holy Spirit Health System.

As a result of the analysis conducted, Compdata Consulting recommended career ladder adjustments, the addition of job titles to bridge the gap between certifications and skill levels required for advancement into higher paying jobs, and an alternative pay structure for the IT department.

The analysis and recommendations provided by Compdata Consulting not only helped Holy Spirit Health System create a more competitive compensation structure for their IT department, but it also helped broaden communication between the HR and IT staff.

“Working with the consultants at Compdata Consulting has allowed our HR and IT departments to develop a new appreciation for the challenges we each face on compensation and staffing issues,” said Bill Shartle, Vice President of Human Resources for Holy Spirit Health System. “The cohesiveness between our departments will only help to strengthen our position in recruiting the most talented and skilled IT professionals in the area.”

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