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May 13, 2017

Compdata Consulting Practice at TriMedX Story Hero

TriMedx, a fast-growing healthcare technology company, is making waves. They wanted to stay on top of the market and sought help from the experts.  

Price-a-Job-CTA's Compdata Consulting Practice helped them assess their executives' compensation packages. Learn more about this collaboration in this article. 

Leveraging Market Analysis for Executive Compensation Packages 

Any growing business must use market analysis for executive compensation packages. To gain actionable insights, analyze executive compensation data. 

Compdata’s market analysis gave them accurate salary data from all industries. This method enabled them to create a competitive and position-relevant executive compensation package. 

The solution outlined each executive-level position's duties. This helped the company identify C-suite positions. Help them differentiate their rewards strategy, which attracts and retains top talent. 

TriMedx was able to create a salary structure that met their needs with this knowledge. And with Comdata, they were ready to recruit and retain top executives. 

Different Approaches for Determining Executive Pay 

There's no standard way to pay executives. Each company's experts determine it differently, so it's important to compare methods. 

Here are the more common approaches: 

1. Performance-based compensation 

This approach aligns pay with performance. Thus, the company's success will determine the executives' pay. 

2. Market analysis  

Market analysis compares executive salaries in similar companies in an industry or region. They can discuss executive pay through a survey among executives and board members. 

3. Base salary  

This method allocates a fixed percentage of company revenue to executive salaries. Or they can adjust it based on a CEO- or board-defined base salary yearly or during promotions. 
Understanding executive pay calculation methods helps companies manage it. This will also keep them competitive and current with industry trends.  

How to Structure Executive Pay for Long-Term Growth 

Executive pay structure ensures long-term growth. This includes balancing short-term and long-term incentive plans, base salaries, and equity. 

TriMedx used Compdata Consulting Practice to analyze the market. Since businesses often need an outside perspective. With current compensation data for dozens of industries and jobs. This tip helped them compare executive compensation packages with similar organizations. 

After analyzing TriMedx's executive pay structure, Compdata made recommendations. This one lets them stay competitive while optimizing their budget.  

Their report advised rewarding executives for future success while maintaining divisional salaries. Overall, this partnership helped them hire top talents, positioning them for success. 

Evaluation of TriMedx's Executive Compensation Packages 

TriMedx's long-term success strategy included evaluating its executive compensation packages. And they used's Compdata Consulting Practice to determine these offerings. 

Compdata Consulting Practice at gave the following services to TriMedx: 

  • An analysis of competitive salary and bonus data in the marketplace. 
  • An evaluation of current total rewards configurations like employee benefits and retirement plans. 
  • An assessment of the organization’s pays mixes rationale and competitive positioning. 
  • A review of internal equity pays, bonuses, and stock option plans among executive staff. 
  • A report with proposed recommendations for improving the effectiveness of executive compensation programs. 

This assessment helped TriMedx understand its executive compensation structure. It helped them adjust compensation packages for a stronger market position and growth. 



TriMedx worked with an experienced compensation consulting firm to ensure proper executive compensation. Later, this strategy secured their market position and future success.

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