Compensation Reporting & Analysis Re-imagined!

Written by Christopher Knize, CCP, GRP

April 9, 2020

Compensation Reporting & Analysis Re-imagined! Hero

The role of compensation has evolved in the last few years, and analysis has become a stronger part of your core duties and responsibilities.  We have seen compensation and HR people designing reporting dashboards or using sophisticated toolsets like Business Intelligence to tie data from across the organization and produce important insights.  

The product team here at is very excited about the release of our new Reporting & Analytics module Being able to analyze and report on key insights is a fundamental part of your compensation and HR role It’s critical to be able to effectively review your compensation strategycall out high performing or critical employees that are paid below market or company targetsand share insights with organizational stakeholders.   

Customer input drove product development 

As always with any new feature in our product roadmap, we engaged with our customers to seek their opinions about where we needed to take reporting and analytics. Boy did they respond!  Large and small-sized organizationsreporting novices and experts alike.  This was our biggest customer response to date.  We participated in hours of feedback and product beta sessions, learning from our customers and watching them experience our products.  Most importantly, we watched them do their job and brainstormed ways to make their jobs easier.  This is why we are so excited about sharing our new Reporting & Analytics capabilities.  Our customers were foundational in building this product! 

Report creation is a breeze! 

With this new module, we have gone from reactive reporting tools that let users design and build table style reports, to proactive alerts and business intelligence analytics that let our customers see their compensation in the form of unique visualizations. Our CompAnalyst customers now have access to a full arsenal of reporting tools to meet their business needs. Our users can build a report using any of their compensation data items across the product.  The product automatically creates relationships between these items; no need to think about it, the system works with you.  Report creation is a breeze.  Users can re-order fields, re-label fieldsor aggregate data items to see high-level analysis.  Schedule reports to run on a frequency and share them with teammates.  All this functionality is available at your fingertips.  You can even search for your previously run reports through our universal search bar. 

Find a report by simply asking a question 

Many newer users could not wait to jump into our reporting, but some were not sure exactly what types of reports they should generate.  They wanted to know what other customers were doing or our recommendations on how to use their data.  That’s when we came up with Find Reports by Questions.  We have collected and grouped a list of our most frequently asked questions and organized them into key product areas like Employee or Jobs.  Users can scan through this list to find a question that might be interesting or search using their own.  When you find a question like “Do I have any pay equity issues at my organization?” or “Am I effectively using my surveys?, select it to see answers in the form of a report or visualization.  Once customers get more comfortable thinking about reporting, they can jump into our table-style report writer.  Users can select fields, filter their data and export.  It is that simple.  The automated report preview shows you exactly what you are going to get. 

In-module reporting keeps things simple 

Many customers love the idea of making report creation and generation open to wider audiences, but we talked through the fact that there are many scenarios where someone might just want to grab pre-defined reports quickly or grab a couple fields fast without having to go to a dedicated reporting module or show their team another module.  They want to do this right from within their normal working areas.  This was an a-HA moment for us.  That’s how we developed and refined In-Module Reporting.  Customers can now create or run their table-based reports from within the existing product module- no need to jump into Reporting and Analytics.  We offer options to develop reports from the Job, Composite or Employee list pages.  These pages act as the filter for your report.  Users can select a report from their list and it will generate immediately from that view or select from any of their fields in the product to build a new report. It's that easy.  

Given all the early feedback we received from our customers, we are confident you’re going to love the new CompAnalyst Reporting and Analytics module!  Want to learn more? Contact us at 

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about the author
Christopher Knize, CCP, GRP, is the senior product manager for’s CompAnalyst product suite. He has a Master of Arts Degree in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University, and has attained both a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and Global Remunerations Professional (GRP) designation from WorldatWork. 

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